One would think that during a government-mandated “stay-at-home” order, they might see less activity on the police blotter. That was not the case for the Dagsboro Police Department during the past couple of months — namely March, April, and May.

“I would say the stats are average, about the same as usual,” Dagsboro Police Chief Steve Flood said. “I will say, over the past week, we have seen a large influx of vehicle traffic now that the travel ban has been lifted. The increase traffic is not unusual for our summertime traffic, as we always see the increase with being a town people travel through to get to the local beaches.”

During the month of May, when many people started venturing out a little bit more, the Dagsboro Police Department handled 343 different incidents, with 209 of those being in the form of traffic tickets, likely due to all the vehicles making their way down to their summer homes or the beaches, as Flood suggested.

There were three accidents, and four DUI arrests, none of which were associated with the accidents. There were 15 wanted subjects taken into custody as part of the department’s activity, with 68 complaints and 44 criminal arrests also on the books.

Clearly, many people were adhering to the “stay-at-home” order from Gov. John Carney in the month of April, as the Dagsboro Police Department saw just 232 total incidents during those 30 days.

There was just one accident and one DUI during the month, with 121 total traffic tickets. Police responded to 69 complaints, with 20 wanted subjects and 20 criminal arrests made during that time as well.

During the month of March, Dagsboro Police handled 313 different incidents. That included the early stages of the pandemic, and clearly people were out and about during parts of the month.

Of those 313, 85 were complaints, with 16 criminal arrests. The department issued 193 traffic tickets during the 31 days of March, and handled three traffic accidents during that same span. There were 15 incidences of wanted subjects taken into custody, and another DUI.

All told, the Dagsboro Police Department handled 888 total calls in the three-month period. The department is still operating a man down on the force.

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