Artesian's Dagsboro facility

Artesian's new facility in Dagsboro could soon help it serve customers in the town and in neighboring Frankford.

Following a presentation that lasted about 10 minutes, the Dagsboro Town Council this week voted to approve the final site plan for the Artesian Water Company’s new facility on property off Route 20, along Armory Road, not far from the Vines Creek Road (Route 26) intersection in Dagsboro.

The site will include three new wells, a maintenance building and a 1 million-gallon elevated water tower. The site plans were also recently approved by DelDOT, in respect to the roadwork and sidewalk construction aspects of the property.

Robert J. Duma of Davis, Bowen & Friedel made the final presentation to the town council on Monday, March 16, along with Artesian representative Rob Penman, before they would approve the plans unanimously, but not without a couple questions — and, ultimately, a stipulation.

Councilpersons William Chandler and Theresa Ulrich were curious about why the sidewalk/bicycle path did not go the length of the property line toward Indian River High School, to which Duma replied that DelDOT did not require that as part of their approval. Their main concern is for the safety of the students at the high school, as well as with runners and cyclists along the roadway.

“I will approve this on the condition — I guess, really, a stipulation — that [Artesian] at least approach DelDOT to see if they can extend the sidewalk to the end of the property line,” Chandler said, with Ulrich nodding in agreement. “If DelDOT says, ‘No,’ then so be it. But if they are OK with it, I’d like to see it go to the end of the property line.”

Duma assured the council that Artesian would reach out to DelDOT to see if the sidewalk extension would be permissible, and if so, they would take the sidewalk construction to the end of the property line. Penman assured the council as well that Artesian would have no issue extending the sidewalk down to the end of the property line should DelDOT allow it.

Only about 3 acres of the 15.5-acre parcel that Artesian owns near Prince George’s Acres and Indian River High School would be developed for the new facility, which would be enclosed by chainlink fence for security. The area will also feature security cameras in and around the outside of the facility.

Dagsboro is currently in a binding contract with the Town of Millsboro for Millsboro to provide water service to the Dagsboro through December 2022. The recent issues with Millsboro over billing have made the project coming to fruition even more imperative for Dagsboro.

Also on March 16, the Dagsboro Town Council heard a request from Police Chief Steven Flood and Sgt. Nicholas Disciullo to present higher salary numbers to potential hires for the fourth member of the force.

“We are not trying to break the bank, but we need to be able to be more competitive to attract more qualified candidates,” said Disciullo. “We are requesting a 1 percent increase to the position of corporal. It will cost roughly $535 to the Town.”

Council spent little time contemplating this matter, and unanimously approved the salary increase.

Little time was wasted in approving the contract of Town Administrator Cynthia Brought for another year, as the council has been very happy with the job she has done.

While the bid was slightly higher, the council awarded to the Delaware Department of Corrections the contract to maintain the town’s landscaping needs for the coming season, which includes the Prince George’s Chapel Cemetery.

The council also listened to a review of their audit from PKS and Andy Havnie. The details of the audit were presented to council members, and following a lengthy discussion, there was no other action needed. All members thanked Havnie and PKS for their efforts with the audit.

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