Replenishment aerial photo

The coastal renourishment process uses a dredge barge and large pipes to pump sand from offshore borrow areas onto the beach, where it is used to restore the beach and dunes to their engineered design (shown here in Bethany Beach in 2018).

Bethany Beach officials announced this week that the United States Army Corps of Engineer’s beachfill operation will begin in mid- to late November in Bethany Beach. It is estimated that once the project begins in Bethany Beach it will take 30 days to complete. The project is scheduled to begin in mid-October in South Bethany and, when complete, will move to Bethany Beach.

In mid-October, the project contractor, Weeks Marine, will bring supply piping ashore on the oceanfront at Campbell Place, where it will remain until work begins in Bethany Beach in November, they noted. When the project begins in Bethany Beach, it will pump sand onto the beach, restoring width and height to the beach and repairing dune as needed.

Pumping will begin in Bethany Beach at Campbell Place and move north to Oceanview Parkway, and then return to Campbell Place and move south to Oakwood Street. The beach will be closed in 1,000-foot sections during the course of the project.