Damien Golden, iKANDE

Damien Golden celebrates iKANDE’s 14th anniversary in November.

Locally owned design company iKANDE has less business these days, mainly due to COVID-19, but owner Damien Golden said she is still grateful.

“Even though business is half of what it was a year ago, I consider us fortunate to celebrate being in business for 14 years. Like any business, we’ve had our struggles, but we’ve also had great successes over the years. It’s about being grateful for supportive customers and staying nimble when uncertainty knocks at your door and then stays beyond its welcome.”

Being out of work is not foreign to Golden. She was laid off from her position at a mid-sized advertising agency in 2006, along with thousands of other Americans. She decided to embrace a new chapter in her career. With a background in graphic design, advertising and marketing, and with the support of her family, she was positioned to embark on entrepreneurship.

She started with small design jobs and then provided more services as her reputation grew. By 2009, her husband, Ron Golden, joined her, and by 2012 they had built iKANDE Advertising into a multi-faceted and profitable woman-owned virtual advertising agency. The company’s 14th anniversary provides an opportunity to take stock and focus on the future.

In honor of the anniversary, iKANDE will roll out a month filled with specials and freebies to help area businesses work on self-promotion during the pandemic and beyond. Business owners can take advantage of the offers by following @ikandeAdvertising on facebook. Golden said iKANDE greatly values efforts to support the community. They will also share their favorite local businesses throughout the week leading up to Support Local Saturday.

For additional information, contact Damien Golden at (302) 727-0071 or visit https://ikande.com.