Weis Markets this week announced the launch of its Holiday Rewards program, which helps customers qualify for free turkeys, tofurkeys, lasagna and discounts on a variety of its best-selling turkeys and hams through Thanksgiving Day.

Customers can earn Holiday Reward Points on their purchases with their Preferred Shopper Club card, and redeem their holiday reward points Nov. 5-26.

“We have the big daddy of holiday reward programs, which offers our customers a variety of great free items and a wide range of a dollar-per-pound discounts on some of our best-selling turkeys and hams,” said Ron Bonacci, Weis Markets vice president of advertising and marketing. “Just as important, our customers have significantly more time to earn their rewards and redeem them, since we started our program early in October and run it through Thanksgiving.”

Customers earn one reward point every dollar spent in qualifying purchases and 100 points for qualifying prescriptions. Customer earning 400 points qualify for a free: Weis Quality Frozen Turkey; Tofurkey Roast and Gravy; Tofurkey Ham & Marinade; or Crav’n Meat Lasagna, Family Size.

Customers earning 100 points save a dollar per pound and qualify for discounted prices of: $0.49/lb. – Weis Quality Frozen Turkey; $0.79/lb. – Butterball Frozen Turkey; $0.79/lb. – Weis Quality Frozen Turkey Breast; $0.99/lb. – Weis Quality Fresh Turkey; $0.99/lb. – Weis Quality Antibiotic Free Frozen Turkey; $0.99/lb. – Weis Quality Smoked Ham Portions; $1.29/lb. – Weis Quality Antibiotic Free Fresh Turkey; $1.49/lb. – Butterball Fresh Turkey; $1.49/lb. – Weis Quality Spiral or John F. Martin Whole Boneless Ham; $1.69/lb. – Weis Quality Fresh Turkey Breast; $1.99/lb. – Weis Quality Antibiotic Free Fresh or Frozen Turkey Breast; $2.49/lb. – Empire or David Elliot Kosher Turkey; and $2.69/lb. – Butterball Fresh Turkey Breast.

The reward points can also be used for gas discounts, grocery discounts or $5 off $25, as part of the year-round rewards program.