Revolution donates to Beebe

Patrick Staggs, co-founder and president of Revelation Craft Brewing Company, left, presents a donation to Kay Young, executive director of development for Beebe Medical Foundation, right, at the West Rehoboth brewery.

Revelation Craft Brewing Company recently presented Beebe Medical Foundation with a check for $4,038 from the second annual Hudson Fields Beer Garden in Milton.

The Revelation-sponsored Beer Garden wrapped up a successful second season in October. The Rehoboth Brewery supplied the venue from June through October at Hudson Fields in Milton, where they offered at least eight brews on tap, accompanied by outdoor seating, a mix of food trucks, live music and family-friendly fun.

“We had a blast supporting Beebe on the summer beer garden. The timing was great, as our community rallied together safely to enjoy each other’s company over beers and eats in the perfect venue set up by the Hudson Family. I am so proud of our team for all the hard work they have put in to making this a success. We can’t wait to open back up next year!” said Patrick Staggs, president of Revelation Craft Brewing Company

“We are grateful to the team at Revelation for their generous support of Beebe and helping us to bring the most advanced healthcare to Sussex County. The Beer Garden offered a safe and socially distanced outlet for this community throughout the summer and at Jawsfest! This was certainly a challenging summer but together we continue to be strong,” said Kay Young, executive director, Beebe Medical Foundation.