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Staff members connect remotely via a holistic wellness program designed to support onsite or remote employees.

Health Care Solutions of Delaware Valley this week announced the launch of RECESS, a holistic wellness program designed to support onsite or remote employees at a time when the workforce is feeling more stressed and overworked than ever.

“RECESS is the solution for employers seeking to optimize employee wellbeing and reap the benefits of a happy and engaged workforce,” representatives said.

“Employees need opportunities to re-energize. They need time to chill or jam while they are working. They need a mid-day break. That’s why we created RECESS,” said Kristin Ball Motley, founder of Health Care Solutions.

For a limited time, RECESS is offering introductory rates to employers who sign up for a group package. A launch party is scheduled for April 15 at 12:15 p.m. Website registration is required for the free event.

According to Ball Motley, corporations, nonprofits, government agencies and educational institutions can keep employees happy — despite remote or dispersed locations — with fun, live, 30-minute weekly virtual sessions, ranging from mindfulness to dance parties to brain-boosters, right from their desks, home office or mobile devices.

No longer viewed as a basic perk for new hires, employee wellbeing programs are routinely embedded in company benefits package and enhances their abilities to recruit and retain top talent, she said. “These programs are needed now more than ever.”

A Harvard Business School article reported that employees are working longer hours and attending more meetings since the pandemic hit, and they are exhausted. In a recent Forbes article, Dana Brownlee urged companies to get creative in addressing this issue.

“Workforce health matters,” Ball Motley said. “Employees with access to wellness programs that solve their right now issues are less likely to miss work due to illness or stress, feel more connected with their team, enjoy higher morale and perform their jobs better.”

According to Ball Motley, RECESS takes the guesswork out of where to conduct wellness programs. Companies can sign up for monthly subscription plans that grant enrolled employees access to weekly RECESS sessions, as well as private quarterly RECESS sessions. Each online session is led by certified and experienced staff. Because private RECESS sessions are customizable, a one-of-a-kind wellness campaign can be created in support of individual workplace cultures.

Jim McAndrews, division director at the D.C. Office of Tax & Revenue, tried RECESS for his team, and they engaged in activities from karaoke, trivia and a live DJ to meal-planning, yoga and meditation.

“As leaders, we benefit from offering our employees, who have been physically isolated for nearly a year teleworking, a chance to re-connect with fellow employees. RECESS offered great content and our employees loved it,” he said.

To learn more, sign up for a free trial, or enroll a company and employees, visit