Kathy Cramer, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in Bethany Beach, recently attended a “Shadow Inventory” seminar that explains to buyers and sellers the current real estate market using graphs and a video presentation.

The seminar was presented by Steve Harney on Sept. 13 at Independence Community Center in Millsboro. Cramer, along with the Women's Council of Realtors and a select group of top local real estate agents, listened to the emerging trends of non-judicial and judicial states in regard to foreclosures. As more and more Realtors continue to follow the market, those agents must be able to show, graph and explain those trends to their clients and customers, Cramer noted.

Cramer, a three-time Delaware 5-Star Professional who has been in Real Estate since 1987, said she saw the seminars an opportunity to develop her market analysis skills and gain an edge over her competition.

“Personal knowledge about the market is important as we guide folks every day on what to do with one of the biggest financial investment of their lives. I want to be a part of that but also be the smartest in my field.”

Cramer said she expects to be putting the facts of the evolving market to work on her Web site (www.kathycramer.com). For information, call Kathy Cramer direct to cell at (302) 829-9022.