Grant awarded for energy efficiency program

Habitat for Humanity was recently awarded a $500,000 grant from the Empowerment Grant Program to help low-income Delaware residents replace aging refrigerators with more energy-efficient models, reducing power consumption in the state and electric bills for those residents.

Sussex County Habitat for Humanity (SCHFH) will serve more families through four recently launched Neighborhood Revitalization Programs.

Programs offered are the original Home Repair program and three new partner programs with Energize Delaware: Home Energy Check Up & Consultation (HEC²), Refrigerator Replacement Program and the Insulated Skirting program for manufactured homes.

“The programs were developed to help hard-working, low-income Sussex County residents with minor home repairs, energy efficiency practices and other projects that will improve the safety, energy efficiency and quality of their existing homes so that they may continue to enjoy their homes for years to come,” said Michael D’Ovidio, Neighborhood Revitalization manager.

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