Kaan's Bakery

Kaan Pomakoglu, left, owner of the new Kaan's Bakery in Millsboro, toasts to a successful business with his mother, Mina.

Welcoming a guest to the soon-to-be-opened Kaan’s Bakery in Millsboro, Mina Pomakoglu placed a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on a table and poured Turkish tea.

Her son, Kaan, 20, will operate the bakery, at 314 Wilson Highway, decorated in bright shades of purple and muted mint greens, and she’s understandably proud of him.

“He’s young but he is very smart. This will be nice for Millsboro,” she said, offering sugar for the tea.

“Come and see our garden,” Pomakoglu said, opening the back door to a large yard with playground equipment on the grounds of what used to be a daycare. His father, Oscar, a civil engineer, will repair the equipment and there will be a six-hole miniature golf course on the property.

“My father helped me with the building, the plumbing, so it would pass the inspections. He’s a hard-working guy,” the younger Pomakoglu said, adding he hoped to open several months ago but the business world moved more slowly after the pandemic began. Early this week, he was waiting for fire extinguishers to be approved.

“The town and the county, everybody has helped and been very nice,” he said.

Pomakoglu, who is well over 6 feet tall, came to the United States from Turkey three years ago to play basketball. His parents arrived two years ago and decided to stay. Opening a bakery was the logical business, since Mrs. Pomakoglu not only worked in cafeterias during her career, but started baking with her grandmother and mother when she was a child. Her son gained experience by helping the owner of Long Neck Diner.

The family had a bakery in Georgetown, for wholesale business and catering, but closed it, preferring instead an establishment with tables indoors and outdoors and, the owner hopes, an inviting location where guests gather to socialize as they enjoy a slice of cake, ice cream, even a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

The bakery will offer delivery and the menu will include customized orders, breads, gluten-free items, Hershey’s ice cream, tiramisu, pies, eclairs, coffees, lunch specials and the owner’s favorite Turkish Flour Cookies.

“I have loved them since I was a kid,” he said, breaking into a wide smile and looking for a picture of the cookies on his cell phone. “It is soft on the outside and then harder in the middle When you bite into it, it goes everywhere in your mouth. It’s so good,” he said.

Kaan’s Bakery will open daily at 6 a.m., although the closing time will depend on the crowds. Pomakoglu plans to hire two employees.

“My goal is to have everything fresh and homemade. If you buy something here and you take it home, it will still be good two or three days later. Here is a place where you can socialize. They can sit down and talk to their friends. I want people to meet here. I want people to come here and spend some time.”

Customers can call (302) 260-0647. They’re on Facebook, Instagram and www.Kaanbakery.com.