Buff laced Polish hen

This buff laced Polish hen was photographed by Hens & Chicks class teacher Brian Trader of the Delaware Botanic Gardens.

Ray Sander, president of Delaware Botanic Gardens (DBG), recently announced that the Delaware Botanic Gardens is offering a new course called “Hens & Chicks” at the gardens on March 23 from 3 to 5:30 p.m.

The course is an opportunity to learn the craft and trade of one of the oldest traditions on Delmarva: raising chickens. Are they good pets? Can they be messy? Attendees can explore the advantages of “pets with personality that really produce.”

Along with the basics, attendees can learn if they can legally own/raise backyard chickens, where to source chicks, and general chick and chicken care. They can also take the opportunity to meet young chicks up close and personal, discuss coops, space needs and obtain resources to help them get started.

The course is taught by Brian Trader, who was raised on a Delmarva poultry farm and is currently the deputy executive director and director of horticulture of Delaware Botanic Gardens.

The class registration fee is $45, which includes admission to the gardens. Register by going to delawaregardens.org/new-events.