Delaware Technical Community College on March 10 announced that it was instituting precautions for its students and staff to address concerns about the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The precautions are being put in place in regards to all students and employees who have traveled in the last two weeks or will be traveling to CDC Level 2 or Level 3 countries. As of March 10, those countries included Japan, Italy, China, Iran and South Korea.

Students and staff who have traveled to those countries in the last two weeks, or who will be, must self-monitor at home for 14 days before returning to campus. They will be allowed to return to campus after a 14-day monitoring period. During that time, representatives said, those staff and students should monitor themselves for symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath.

DelTech representatives also advised those students and staff that they must call the Delaware Division of Public Health at 1-866-408-1899 to review recent travel history and receive health screening and guidance.

Those students must contact the dean of student affairs on their campus regarding your absence:

• Gail Charrier, Georgetown campus

• Kerri Harmon, Dover campus

• Sharon Mossman, Stanton campus

• Jeff Rose, Wilmington campus.

Affected employees must contact their local human resources office:

• Janis Beach, Georgetown campus

• Marybeth Roach, Dover campus

• Courtney Hutt, Stanton campus

• Tamesha Broughton, Wilmington campus

• Lynn Beaty, Office of the President.

Students and staff who experience a fever, cough or other acute illness during the monitoring period were advised to continue to stay home and self-isolate.

If they develop symptoms during the 14-day monitoring period, they should call their primary-care provider’s office or the Delaware Division of Public Health at 1-866-408-1899 and provide details of their recent travel and symptoms to determine if further medical care is needed.

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