The wiggles

By M. Patricia Titus

News Editor

I managed to get a little bit of (almost) uninterrupted time with Wii Fit today, and it really seems to be paying off, even if the scale is only going upward. There definitely seems to be some muscle building going on, and I still feel very invigorated. Nothing like an honestly earned bit of sweat to make you feel more fit.

I convinced the boy to try the Soccer Heading balance game again, and he beat my score from Day 1. So after the fourth try at it, he was willing to let mama try it again. It seems the secret to this game is not to shift balance at the last minute, but to keep moving and anticipate the direction the ball is going. I finally moved out of the 20-30 score range and into the 90s, netting two stars. But, ouch, those shoes and panda bears hurt! (Almost as much as watching them hit your kid's avatar in the head!)

After that, I was permitted to try a few sessions of aerobic exercise. I started off with Basic Step, which after a few days I feel like I was mastering enough to be getting a little bored. Up, back, right, left, and so on, gets a little tedious. Fortunately, that work unlocked Advanced Step.

All of a sudden, I felt like I did on Day 1, completely uncoordinated and trying to figure out how to interpret the directions the game was giving. Kicks? OK, I can figure that out. Stepping on the board sideways? Purple footprints and arrows? Not so much. I ran through this once with the mental note to myself that I'll have to try it again to begin to sort out exactly how all the steps go together. All of a sudden, Dance Dance Revolution isn't looking so challenging.

I topped this off with some Hula Hoops, which in turn unlocked Super Hula Hoops for me, finally. While I couldn't get the boy to try this one, I was sold within a few minutes. First, you're adding a directional element, with two sets — one rotating your hips left and the other right. I hadn't considered the possible impact of defaulting to one direction, so it's nice to see they're balancing things out.

By the time you're done, it's about three minutes of hip-wiggling aerobics, which was enough to get my heart beating a little and a healthy sweat going. I could suddenly see the Balance Board's potential use for a bellydancing simulation. As hot as bellydancing has gotten for exercise, I'd be surprised if I was the only one. Or maybe a hula-dancing learning game?

Weight: Goal +32.7 pounds — I'm at a loss to explain this one, except that maybe it's new muscle, give or take some other natural fluctuations.

BMI: Starting point + 1.7

Balance: 49.1 left / 50.9 right