A weighty dilemma

By M. Patricia Titus

News Editor

Um, yeah. The scale says 9 pounds heavier. I don't think I can blame this on new muscle from yesterday's exercise. On the other hand, I have no explanation in terms of diet, either. I was pretty good yesterday. The only explanation I can come up with is that the Day 1 weight was inaccurate because my carpet is too plush (whodathunk!) and the balance board sank into it for that first Body Test without my realizing.

I considered this a possible problem when I took the time to read the instructions for the balance board in full last night, wondering what the heck the little circles that came with it in the box were for. Perhaps they're replacement feet, I thought at first. It turns out they're recommended if you're not working on a hard surface or at least a short-nap carpet. They just slip over the existing feet (the balance sensors, they call them, though I imagine the sensors are really inside the board itself, above the feet), kind of like booties.

End result when I did today's body test? A 9-pound difference. I toy with the idea of starting over with a fresh weigh-in, but since I'm documenting this for potential users of the product, I want to accurately depict this issue. So, be forewarned: If you're working on carpet that's not a stiff Berber, err in favor of using the extra feet, right from the start. This will have some impact on my initial goals, but the end goal is still the same.

My son's insistence that I keep trying the balance games netted me an unlocked Tightrope game, which it turns out that I'm not that bad at. He, unfortunately, dislikes it, probably because the little snapping traps are vaguely menacing and losing your balance means a long fall into an abyss, only to start over again.

I have, however, mastered the symbology of Basic Step and can finally demonstrate that I do have some rhythm. I normally wouldn't go in for step-aerobics as such. I'm more inclined toward actual dance steps, with bellydancing and the Indian bhangra being particular favorites for exercise in he past. But Wii Fit makes this a lot more fun, since it is able to test your accuracy via the balance board and it becomes as much about stepping accurately and in time as it does about following the teacher. Running is still no fun, but I'm also starting to see the aerobic appeal of hula hooping, which I can't do at all in real life.

Weight: Goal + 31 pounds

BMI: Starting point + 1.37

Balance: 43.2 left / 46.8 right