First Beebe Baby of 2021

Maria Manjarrez and Silvestre Gomez welcome daughter Emely on Jan. 1 as the first Beebe Baby of 2021.

Beebe Healthcare this week announce the arrival of the first baby of 2021 born in the first town in the first state.

Maria Manjarrez and Silvestre Gomez of Millsboro welcomed their first child, a daughter, Emely Gomez Manjarrez, at 1:03 a.m. on Jan. 1.

Beebe noted that Maria Manjarrez was aware that Beebe is a Baby-Friendly hospital and stated, “I picked Beebe because I wanted to be supported with breastfeeding. The doctors and nurses at Beebe are always helping you out.”

The couple also stated, “We are very thankful for the beginning of a new year and a new baby.”

Every year, Beebe team members take up a collection to provide a gift basket of Baby-Friendly hospital items to the first baby’s family. This year, Team Beebe went above and beyond, creating a basket full of items including diapers, blankets, onesies and more.

“Baby-friendly hospitals like Beebe ensure every woman delivering a baby knows the importance of breastfeeding and learns not only the benefits of the practice, but also how to initiate breastfeeding immediately after delivery,” representatives noted. “Baby-friendly hospitals initiate skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery or C-section, keeping moms and babies in the same room and supporting moms with breastfeeding through lactation consultants.”