Beebe Goes Purple

Beebe Healthcare is 'Going Purple' this month, to raise awareness of substance abuse and reduce the stigma surrounding addiction. To support the effort they are selling Beebe Goes Purple yard signs to be displayed at homes, businesses and Beebe's Lewes campus.

Beebe Healthcare and Sussex County are “Going Purple” for September and Opioid Awareness Month in order to raise awareness of substance abuse and reduce the stigma surrounding addiction.

Beebe Medical Foundation is selling Beebe Goes Purple yard signs to raise funds for Beebe’s Go Purple Fund. The fund supports education, awareness, treatment and community outreach surrounding opioid addiction in Sussex County.

“In 2018, Delawareans lost 401 loved ones to a drug-related overdoses, and our state ranked second-highest in the nation in overdose death rates, according to the CDC. With focused efforts throughout the state, that number was on a downward trend,” said Kim Blanch, RN, community service manager, Beebe Healthcare.

“However, as a result of the additional challenges brought forth by the pandemic, in May 2020, we saw the same number of overdose-related deaths as we did in August 2018 — Delaware’s worst overdose month on record. And, in July 2020, more than half of all Delaware’s overdose deaths were in Sussex County. Through awareness, stigma reduction and connection, we believe that together we can change this.”

The Beebe Medical Foundation is selling yard signs that people can display at their home or business or on the lawn at Beebe Healthcare’s Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus.

“Beebe is grateful to everyone for purchasing signs to honor their loved ones and show support of those struggling with addiction. Help Beebe and Sussex County ‘Go Purple!’ Please join us at Hudson Fields to celebrate life and support one another,” said Kay Young, executive director of development for the Beebe Medical Foundation.

Hudson fields is the location for the official Beebe Goes Purple event, on Oct. 7 from 4 to 7 p.m. It will be a 1-mile drive-through event to create awareness, reduce stigma, offer resources and experience connection, at Hudson Fields on Route 1 near Milton. To learn more, call Beebe Community Outreach at (302) 645-3337.

A naloxone distribution and resource center will be available during the event to train people how to identify an overdose and what steps to take to administer naloxone, which can save lives during an opioid overdose. Those trained will immediately receive an opioid rescue kit.

The event will feature a program of speakers beginning at 6 p.m. During the speeches, participants may ceremoniously light a candle — both at the event or at home — as a sign of hope and unity. For COVID-19 precautions, there will be a social media aspect to the event for those not wanting to attend in person.

Anyone experiencing a crisis should call 911. Those seeking resources or guidance related to behavioral health or substance abuse can call Beebe Behavioral Health at (302) 645-3100, ext. 5284.

For more information or to purchase a yard sign, visit: