Zoca salads

Zoca's new market offerings include grab-and-go salads, also including chicken salad and shrimp salad.

The owners of Zoca restaurant in Bethany Beach this week announced the official opening of the Zoca Market on Monday, Aug. 17. The new Zoca market is located inside the established Zoca restaurant on Garfield Parkway. The market will be fully accessible from the front window, meaning customers do not have to come into the actual restaurant to enjoy the market.

Zoca produce

Zoca's new market offerings include fresh produce.

The market will be set up “grab-and-go” style, with salads, traditional Mexican sodas, fresh local produce, homemade salsas and Zoca sauces.

It will also have a separate menu offering hot-off-the-grill sandwiches (available daily from noon to 4 p.m.), cold shrimp salad and chicken salad, and fresh dips (such as made-to-order guacamole).

Those items will be available in addition to the full Zoca restaurant carryout menu.

Zoca sodas

Zoca's new market offerings include traditional Mexican sodas.

“Zoca is so excited that this market will also give beachgoers and town shoppers a variety of healthier to-go options than you normally do not find on the boardwalk,” representatives said.

Zoca Market sauces

Zoca's new market offerings include its house sauces and salsa.

For additional information, visit Zoca’s website at https://www.zoca.restaurant/ or call (302) 616-2120.