Raspberry Lemongrass mead from R&L Liquors and Brimming Horn Meadery

Brimming Horn Meadery and R&L Liquors of Lewes are releasing a collaborative mead for summer, Raspberry Lemongrass.

As the summer heat keeps rising and beach traffic gets busier and busier, Lewes’ R&L Liquors teamed up with Milton meadery Brimming Horn to offer a sweet fruity beverage designed to have a refreshing citrus finish.

R&L Liquors is located in downtown Lewes. Employee Chris Banz explained how the collaboration came about: “I’ve been a fan of Brimming Horn’s meads since they opened. They’re on the cutting edge of their craft, and that’s what we try to do at R&L Liquors, too. Over the last couple years, I’ve gotten to know everyone there better, so I thought: What would be more exciting than designing an awesome summer beverage with great people?

“I’m very excited about this mead, and I know everyone that tries it will love it as much as we do.”

Mead-maker and founder of Brimming Horn Meadery Jon Talkington spoke about the mead itself and what the customer can expect.

“The mead is a Raspberry Lemongrass mead [R&L] made with wildflower honey, red raspberries and lemongrass. Raspberries pair very well with the bright citrus notes of lemongrass, which make a perfect mead for the summer season.”

Talkington noted of the mead its “beautiful deep red color, aromatic, with flavors of red tart raspberries, light honey sweetness and the refreshing hint of citrusy lemongrass in the finish and aroma. Enjoy slightly chilled in a wine glass!” he suggested.

Raspberry Lemongrass will only be available at R&L Liquors and the Brimming Horn Meadery this Friday for $19.99. The collaboration mead will be available in limited quantities only.

For more information, visit brimminghornmeadery.com.