HLFM vendor Rob Dick works in the greenhouse at Totem Farms

Historic Lewes Farmers' Market vendor Rob Dick works in the greenhouse at Totem Farms. The market was targeting May 23 for its 2020 opening day, but will now open May 30, with protocols in place that are designed to allow farmers' markets statewide to open with COVID-19 prevention in mind.

The Historic Lewes Farmers Market announced on Friday, May 15, that it will open May 30 at 8 a.m. at George H.P. Smith Park in Lewes. Helaine Harris, president of the market, stated, “Safety is the top priority of the Historic Lewes Farmers Market. We need a little more time to get additional supplies in order to create a safe market during these challenging times and thought it wise to open the market on May 30, and not earlier.”

When the market opens, customers will be asked to follow protocols set by the Delaware Department of Agriculture:

  • Do not come to the market if you have symptoms related to COVID-19.
  • Cover your face — You must wear a face covering to enter the market.
  • Wait your turn — No more than two customers per vendor at a time.
  • A maximum of two people per household allowed in the market.
  • Social distancing: Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and everyone else at the market.
  • Electronic payment — Use credit cards when you can. Follow vendor instructions carefully.
  • No touching — Do not touch market items. Tell vendor the item you wish to purchase, and the vendor will bag items for you.
  • No doubling back — The market is one-way; you must move continuously through the market.
  • No lingering or congregating — Spend as little time as possible with each vendor for flow of customers through the market.
  • Pre-order as much as you can — Many of HLFM vendors can now take pre-orders. Consult HLFM newsletter, Facebook page and website for information on how to pre-order with them. Pick up from them at the market.
  • No pets (service animals permitted) — This is a State rule for the farmers’ markets at this time
  • Wash your produce — At home, wipe down any packaging with anti-viral solution. Wash your produce with water.

“We look forward to greeting you at the market on May 30. Thank you for helping keep the market community safe,” Harris added.