The Historic Lewes Farmers Market (HLFM) this week thanked everyone for a successful and safe opening of the market on May 30.

This Saturday, the market is planned to be at George H.P. Smith Park (Dupont and Johnson Avenues). However, customers are being advised to watch the HLFM Facebook page for market location updates. In case of rain, the market moves to the Richard A. Shields Elementary School parking lot (Savannah Road and Sussex Drive).

This week, there will be strawberries, purple and green asparagus, radishes, cauliflower, salad turnips, red and green Romaine, Swiss chard, carrots, cabbage, kale, spinach, bok choy, croissants, baguettes, scones, pies, quiche, milk, butter, eggs, chicken, beef, pork and more.

Customers can subscribe to the free market newsletter to see a more specific listing of what’s available by vendor. Email to receive the newsletter.

The HLFM again advised the public that, due to COVID-19, the market is very different from last year. The entrance to the market at the park will be near the vendor entrance gravel path from the circle driveway. There will be a hand-washing station with foot pump at the entrance, and a volunteer will also be at the entrance with sanitizer spray for customer’s hands. In addition, there will be a hand-washing station at the exit.

The market’s perimeter is enclosed, and there is only one entrance and one exit. Only a certain number of customers are allowed in at one time, and everyone in the market must wear a mask.

The circle driveway in front of the Fred Thomas Building will be closed from 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. That means that no cars can drop off any customers in that circle, as the market needs the space so that customers entering and exiting do not cross each other.

“The HLFM hopes to get the Wednesday Crooked Hammock Market up and running as soon as possible so that customers who cannot walk as far can access the market’s local produce,” organizers said.

There is very little parking at the parking lot in the park, they noted, adding that it is best to either walk or bike to the market. The Lewes School, its parking lot and its playing fields are entirely fenced off.

“The Market thanks Beebe hospital for allowing customers to also park in the outdoor Beebe lot in back of the hospital. Customers can enter that parking area through the main entrance to the hospital between Rite Aid and the hospital. The park has an entrance from the Beebe lot. It is closer to get to the one entrance to the market if customers go right on the path at the park after entering.”

There is a Google map of the Beebe hospital parking lot and the park on the HLFM website ( that shows how to get from the Beebe parking lot to the one entrance to the market.

A number of the market vendors now take pre-orders. The HLFM website at lists all vendors, their contact information, and whether or not they take pre-orders. For pre-orders, the customer will pick up at the vendor tent in the market and walk around the market path to the exit. The market suggests that customers who pre-order come later in the day when there will be less volume.

The market will start to process SNAP on June 6, and will continue to match SNAP up to $20 per market, per customer. The SNAP tent will be located next to the Market trailer. SNAP customers should wait in line to get into the market. When they get to the front of the line, they should tell a volunteer they want to use SNAP, and they will be directed to the SNAP tent, where SNAP/EBT will be processed, and they will receive their Bonus Bucks. After receiving their tokens, SNAP customers will go back to entrance and will be able to enter the market without waiting in line again.

Market rules and guidance for customers, issued by the Delaware Department of Agriculture:

• Do not come to the market if you have symptoms related to COVID-19.

• Cover your face. You must wear a face covering to enter the market.

• Wait your turn. No more than two customers per vendor at a time.

• Maximum of two people per household allowed in the market.

• Social distancing. Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and everyone else at the market.

• Electronic payment. Use credit cards where possible. Follow vendor instructions carefully.

•  No touching. Do not touch market items. Tell vendor the item you wish to purchase, and the vendor will bag items for you.

• No doubling back. The market is one-way; you must move continuously through market.

• No lingering or congregating. Spend as little time as possible with each vendor for flow of customers through the market.

•  Pre-order as much as you can: Many vendors can now take pre-orders. Consult the HLFM newsletter, Facebook page and website for information on how to pre-order with them. Pick up from them at the market.

• No pets (service animals permitted). This is a State rule for farmers markets at this time.

• Wash your produce. At home, wipe down any packaging with anti-viral solution. Wash your produce with water.

“The Market thanks everyone for helping keep the market community safe!”