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Dewey Beer Co. co-founder Mike Reilly says the company shifting its focus to social media and tailoring products to the preferences of their customers helped it get through the challenges of operating year-round in the resort area.

As the country returns to normalcy following the pandemic and with winter approaching, local businesses and breweries throughout the coastal region of Delaware are reflecting upon the challenges they have overcome to continue to serve Delawareans year-round.

Dewey Beer Co. representatives said their success in adapting amidst the challenges presented by the pandemic can be partly attributed to their quick pivot online, such as increasing their social media presence, as well as tailoring products to the preferences of their customers.

“Dewey Beer Co. has an intense social media presence, that is our primary means of marketing and getting information to our customer base,” said Mike Reilly, co-founder of Dewey Beer Co. “We were especially fortunate because we make and sell a product that was easily sold ‘to go’ in our canning operations.”

Reilly said the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions were felt heavily in their operations within their kitchen. He noted that challenges of keeping the kitchen staff employed made them realize how different the situation might have been had they been a restaurant, but thankfully, he said, Dewey Beer Co. was able to shift gears primarily in their packaging and marketing of products.

“In the height of the pandemic, when the rules were changing and different mandates were being sent out,” Reilly said. “We used Instagram daily to inform our customers. We continue to use social media daily to reach our customer base, and inform them of new beers and anything happening at the breweries.”

In an effort to continue connecting with consumers, as well as communicating with their customer base, Dewey Beer Co. primarily uses Instagram, as well as monitoring the pages of several of the company’s fan pages for information on their customer base.

“We try hard to listen to our customers in any way we can through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Throughout the pandemic and to this day, we look at what people are saying regarding their tastes and what motivates them to visit their local breweries,” said Reilly.

As the coastal community reflects upon a busy summer and gears up for the winter season, he said, local breweries such as Dewey Beer Co. will continue their work in fostering a sense of community and providing spaces for all to gather.

“Dewey Beer Co is proud to be a part of the Dewey Beach, and now Harbeson, communities and continues to donate their time and energy into local charities. As the holidays approach, Dewey Beer Co. has plans for seasonal beers and asks Delawareans to stay tuned for what is to come.”