Garden Glories, pastel by Laura Hickman

Laura Hickman's “Garden in Ravello," in pastel

Each year about this time Gallery One entertains a garden theme to usher in a much-needed breath of fresh spring air. This year that preview of color and inspiration seems especially welcome.

Gallery One artists explore the theme “Garden Glories” each in their own unique and vibrant ways, but all included flowers. The artworks will be posted online at

Artists Michelle Marshall and Joyce Condry both chose to honor the tulip. Because tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they have come to symbolize rebirth. Joyce’s painting, “Tulips in Vase,” is graphically striking with its play of red and green complementary colors in stark contrast to the white vase encompassing much of the composition. Michelle’s painting, “Striving,” captures the energy of the tulips as they strain to burst from their winter’s nap, joyous to be finally free — a feeling many of us can relate to.

In MaryBeth Paterson’s oil painting, “Garden Blues,” white blooms fill the canvas. In the garden, white reflects other colors, as well as visually creating a cool space during hot summer days. These blossoms in Paterson’s painting, even with a limited palette, capture the many blues as well as the warm yellow and red in her still life.

Artist Cheryl Wisbrock’s watercolor painting, “Hydrangea and Daises,” is rendered in a classic watercolor style, loosely painted with transparent pigments it exudes the freshness of spring.

In “Still Life with Gardenia,” Scott Broadfoot’s oil painting, a cornucopia of garden glories is depicted. Gardenias in Victorian times were given when you wanted to express your love and devotion, but did not want your identity to be revealed, a secret love or at least an untold love. But the gardenia was also meant to convey the meaning that “you are lovely,” and Broadfoot’s painting is certainly lovely. Painted in a realistic and classical style one can almost taste the ripe peach and smell the exquisite fragrance of that gardenia. The Gardenia in this painting holds the focal point of your view for a minute and then your eyes travel through the diagonal layout of fruits, a butterfly, insects, acorns, and a shell.

Three of their artists embraced the glorious image of a garden in full bloom. Laura Hickman’s pastel painting, "Garden in Ravello" features a garden at the famous Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Italy, where she was guided through the gorgeous grounds by two very sweet dogs. They must have lived there, because they made sure she saw everything, and now they are leading us through her sunshine and color filled painting as well. Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting, “Lily Pads,” brings us into a summer water garden. McCaskill worked artistic magic on a summer scene from Rehoboth, suggesting a scene from Monet. She shared that with the lush variety of forms and colors one panel was simply not enough, thus a tryptic was needed to show the expanse of the garden. And in Dale Sheldon’s garden painting “Garden in Giverny,” colors, shapes, and textures abound in this painting of the celebrated gardens of Monet in Giverny, shown in early spring. The eye wanders through the variety of colors, and along the flowers and trees to Monet’s house nestled in the background.”

Eileen Olson’s acrylic abstract painting, “Peppermint Lane Gardens” vibrates with color and the energy of seasonal rebirth. While Eileen was inspired by the beautifully cared for floral gardens where she lives in Bethany Beach, her painting depicts an imaginary place filled with imaginary orange and pink flowers.

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