Leo Kahl studio

Watercolor artist Leo Kahl, the newest partner at Gallery One, paints in his studio in Ocean View, where the natural light and local landscape inspire his work.

Gallery One announced this week that artist Leo Kahl has joined the gallery as a new partner.

“Spontaneity and unpredictability — these adjectives describe Gallery One’s newest artist, Leo Kahl, both personally and artistically!” representatives said.

A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, with degrees in both art and engineering, Kahl spent nearly four decades in marketing and industrial design in the corporate world. At 55, he began to experiment with watercolor.

Leo Kahl

Leo Kahl is the newest partner artist at Gallery One in Ocean View.

“It was in this experimentation that the magic began! Leo has studied the medium intensely; the history, the chemistry and the styles and techniques of artists worldwide, and he has brought that knowledge to bear in his work.

“With a passion both to convey the mood and ambiance of the moment, as well as the illuminating effects of light upon his subject, Leo’s work is imbued with life and energy, and an element of mystery. It is that mystery that sets Leo’s work apart as well. A devoted storyteller, both visually and with words, Leo wrote and illustrated a watercolor instruction book, ‘101 Watercolor Stories,’ that is both educational and beautiful.”

Leo Kahl book

Leo Kahl is the author and illustrator of '101 Watercolor Stories,' a watercolor instruction book.

Kahl is an award-winning artist whose work is in numerous private collections.

Leo K Skating with Rembrandt wc

Leo Kahl's watercolor works include 'Skating with Rembrandt.'

“He is also a gifted and passionate instructor, who we look forward to hosting enthusiastically at Gallery One in the future.”

His current studio is in Ocean View, where his work is influenced by the natural light and beauty of the local landscape.

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