'Oysters' painting by Scott Broadfoot

Gallery One's June 2020 exhibit will include Scott Broadfoot's oil painting "Oysters," a still life of those freshly shucked delicacies with lemon and beer.

Gallery One is pleased to announce its June show theme: “Treasures of Delmarva,” which is open to the public from June 1 through July 1, 2020.

This month’s theme at Gallery One is “Treasures of Delmarva.” Webster defines “treasure” as something valuable that is hidden or kept in a safe place; or something that is incredibly special, important or valuable.

One of the things that we can all agree upon that has come from our experience with these uncertain times is a greater appreciation for the many little things in our lives that defined our days. Things that we thought were mundane and routine we see now were our anchors, they were in fact “treasures” hidden from us by our complacency. Looking around us today on Delmarva, Gallery One artists are sharing those treasures this month that are most meaningful to them. From coastal landscapes and shore birds to unique classic coastal summer eats, and our local architecture from days gone by — days that now seem sweeter and less complicated. Artist Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting, “Enjoying the Boardwalk,” seems to conjure all those elements. An early-morning stroll on one of our local boardwalks, with the soft summer morning light swirling around bikers and joggers, early sunbathers staking out their spot on the beach. The painting is awash in light and color. Soon, we hope we will be there again. In a similar vein Scott Broadfoot’s still life oil painting, “Oysters,” is a classic eastern shore delight. Scott’s painting in all its rich detail, comes with a little education as well, it turns out the salinity of the water where oysters are harvested determines the complexity of their delicious salty taste. Oysters will tolerate wide swings in salinity thus with any year or location the taste will be unique, the saltier and more flavorful, the higher the price.

Artist Marybeth Paterson’s oil painting, “Time for Azaleas,” in oil, is an explosion of color. It is a joy to drive through the area at this time of year and see the azaleas in bloom. Nature thrives despite our difficulties and distractions, and the landscape of Delmarva remains a treasure to be rediscovered with the seasons. Michelle Marshall’s acrylic painting, “After the Storm,” speaks to the eternally beautiful sea changing from tumult to peace and back again, while Jeanne Mueller’s, “Sunset on Rt. 1,” highlights Mother Nature’s gift to us in her dazzling sunsets. Dale Sheldon’s depiction of a picturesque island in the Chesapeake Bay, “Tied Up, Tangier Island,” in acrylic, is both reminiscent of a by gone time, in that Tangier is little changed from its origins as a fishing village first settled in the late 1700s, as well as charming, with its “tied up” fishing boat.

Laura Hickman’s pastel painting, “Cottage in Light,” is a delightful nod to the local architectural treasures we have in our old beach cottages. Laura’s painting is a beautiful play on summer light illuminating the quintessential beach cottage in complementary hues of orange and blue.

Artist Joyce Condry’s belief that shore birds are her favorite local treasure is memorialized with her acrylic painting paying tribute to the egret, “Snowy Egrets.” This perfectly designed triad of egrets is done in cool shades that exude summer.

Jan Moffatt’s acrylic painting, “Garden Treasures,” offers us an escape into a garden wonderland complete with a distant vision of the sea. Ablaze with color and optimism, Jan used the ‘Town of Bethany Beach Horticulture’ as her inspiration. With a similar burst of color and joy, artist Mary Byrd’s mixed medium painting, “Fetch,” depicts the playful fun of a day at the beach with a frisbee and a dog. And the delightful sound of birds singing and ushering in new life and energy can be felt, and almost heard, in the exuberant, dynamic energy of Eileen Olson’s mixed media painting, “Treasures of Delaware.”

Gallery One will be open by appointment through the month of May, and then open with appropriate restrictions starting June 1 (Face masks and social distancing are required, please. To ensure safety of all, we may limit the number of visitors at any one time.).

Learn more by calling (302) 537-5055, emailing art@galleryonede.com, or visiting galleryonede.com.

Gallery One is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue, Ocean View, Del.

The Gallery is always staffed by an artist, open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.