Ghost Crab Hunt book

The book cover of Beth Ann Scullin-Oliphant’s ‘Ghost Crab Hunt.’

Local author Beth Ann Scullin-Oliphant has self-published her second book in her children’s series, Briton’s Beach Adventures. Ghost Crab Hunt is sure to awaken a sense of adventure in young readers. The second book has quickly become a hit with young readers and educators.

“A delightful journey to the beach that builds children’s background knowledge through a fun and engaging story! The main character becomes a friend who invites you along on an unforgettable adventure of discovery,” reviewed Andrea Baker, M.Ed., NBCT, reading and literacy specialist.

The adventure continues in Ghost Crab Hunt when Briton and his sister prowl around on the beach at night on the hunt for mysterious ghost crabs. Will they discover any fascinating crabs? The hunt is on!

“Engaging and fun to read. These books are a must have for any early childhood classroom,” reviewed Lauran Rearic, a first-grade teacher.

Briton’s Beach Adventures is a children’s picture book series exploring a child’s curiosities and experiences at the seashore. In each book, Briton goes on a new adventure while different characters join him along the way. It is a delightful, colorful, entertaining series that is sure to inspire little ones to seek their own adventures. The third book in the series will be released in March 2022.

The book is illustrated by Ashley DelSignore.

Briton’s Beach Adventures books are available on Amazon; or by contacting Beth Ann for signed copies. She is also scheduling readings and signings. Contact Beth Ann @britonsbeachadventures on Facebook, Instagram (@boliphant_author)

A native of Philadelphia, Beth Ann grew up spending her summers at the shore. Her parents would say she was born with sand between her toes. At Egg Harbor Township High School, in New Jersey, a teacher strongly encouraged and supported her writing ambitions. Beth Ann continued onto college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduating with a degree in Journalism. Following graduation, she moved to Delaware and got married. While pregnant with her first child she enrolled in the Masters in Marketing program at Wilmington University. Her son Briton was born the morning of the graduation ceremony. He is the original inspiration behind the book series. Briton’s curiosity and eagerness to learn is a joy to watch and contagious. Trailing in his sandy footprints are his younger siblings Amelia and Judah.