'Sandy Paws'

'Sandy Paws,' a new book from Cat & Mouse Press, features stories about coastal feline and canine companions and their humans.

Cat & Mouse Press, known for its award-winning local beach reads, has announced the publication of “Sandy Paws: Dogs and Cats on Delmarva.” The book features short stories and light verse set in Rehoboth, Lewes, Bethany Beach, Ocean City, Cape May, Chincoteague, and other seaside towns in the Delmarva region. The book is available at area stores or online.

In “Sandy Paws,” readers will meet a cat who thinks he’s a dog, a dog who thinks she’s royalty, and people who are amused, confused and consoled by their pets. Whether they are rescues or rescuers, the dogs and cats in “Sandy Paws” might win readers over with skills that range from matchmaking to crime-solving and from heart-mending to life-changing.

While some of the stories are true, most are fictional or fictionalized accounts. The book includes photos of some of the animals that were inspirations for the stories or poems. For example, at the end of “Running with Joey” by local author Sherri Wright, readers will see a picture of Joey, Sherri’s running mate.

Many of the stories are light (one concerns a dog and cat who magically switch bodies and find new ways to antagonize each other) but some are poignant. In “Trooper,” a vet returns from Afghanistan, bringing with her a dog that had been injured by shrapnel. Together, they learn to overcome their fear of Cape Henlopen’s sandy beach, which triggers their memories of desert war.

Stories and poems for the book were selected by Nancy Powichroski Sherman and Nancy Sakaduski, who also edited the book. Both are pet owners (Sherman shares her home with two bichon frisées, and Charlotte the cat shares her home with Sakaduski). Several volunteer readers also helped with the selection process.

For the cover of the book, Cat & Mouse Press tapped nationally known and Rehoboth-based Sara England Designs. England’s whimsical drawings of cats and dogs are a perfect fit for the book, the publishers said. The artwork for the cover features a variety of cats and dogs enjoying summer on Delmarva.

Cat & Mouse Press was established to produce books and other materials that are fun, entertaining, and of particular interest to residents and visitors to the Delmarva region. The company publishes a free weekly newsletter for writers, “Writing is a Shore Thing” (www.writingisashorething.com). For more information, visit the company’s website at www.catandmousepress.com or its Facebook page, at www.facebook.com/catandmousepress.