Details for Town of South Bethany - '20 Property Tax Bills

Town of South Bethany
Property Tax Bills

The Town of South Bethany will release annual property tax bills on May
1, 2020. The property tax rate will remain at $1.30 per $100 assessed.
The billing period covers May 1, 2020, through April 30, 2021. Tax bills are
due by June 30, 2020. Accounts will be considered delinquent and
assessed late penalty fees if not paid by July 01, 2020.

Tax bills are mailed directly to property owners. Property owners who have
their mortgage company pay their taxes must contact their mortgage
company and make arrangements for payment. If you have any questions
or concerns about your property taxes, please call the Town office at
539-3653 Ext. 215.

Payments may be mailed or delivered to: Town of South Bethany,
402 Evergreen Rd., South Bethany, DE, 19930.
CP 20200417 1T