Beebe’s announcement a win for all of us

Walk-in care just got a lot more user-friendly.

Beebe Healthcare announced earlier this week that their Walk-In Care facility in Millville will remain open year-round.For any of us in this community who have had a medical situation pop up in the past, and have had to drive to one of the regional hospitals, this is welcomed news.

“The population continues to grow in Sussex County, especially in the South Coastal region,” said Douglas B. Allen, DO, medical director for Beebe Walk-In Care locations. “This has created a year-round demand for medical care. Walk-In Care is an excellent option for people who may not have a primary-care physician because they are new residents, for those who are visiting our area and for those who need to be seen right away, but whose physician’s office has closed for the day.”

We can argue the point that the people who live here have always needed that care, regardless of the population numbers, but the increase in full-time residents obviously makes it worthwhile for Beebe to maintain and operate the facility year-round, so this is simply a good thing for all of us. The Georgetown and Millsboro clinics will have the same hours, providing all of us with a little more exposure to medical care.

The hours of operation will be 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, with extended hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The peace and quiet of home is forever gone

Date Published: 
October 2, 2015

The game has changed. Considerably.

My 10-month-old princess went to spend the day with some of her older cousins a few weeks ago, and it apparently left an impression. After falling asleep on the car ride home, and falling into an even deeper slumber when she got into her own bed, she apparently did not forget what it was she learned the day before by watching her older relatives at play.

She started walking.

Now, this has been something she’s been experimenting with over the course of a couple weeks before this particular day. She would take two, three, maybe four steps before grabbing on to whatever was closest to her or just plopping onto her backside. It was reminiscent of many of my own attempts at mastering the two-legged form of transportation while being governed by a bottle of Jameson.

But something about seeing her older cousins move about so freely seemed to have struck a chord with young Riley. She just decided that it was her time. The days of being forced to navigate the floors of Casa McCann on hands and knees were being thrown to the past, and it was time to spread her proverbial wings and soar.

I was excited for her, and the joy on her face was obvious as her smile exteded from ear to ear as she made each wild step with success. There’s truly nothing else in the world to me that compares to the beauty of seeing her smile or hearing her laugh, and I nervously followed her around, trying to make sure that little head didn’t crack on anything hard with each inevitable fall.

Of course, I also started feeling a little sad at the thought of her walking. This was yet another rung in her ladder of independence, and I was already feeling nostalgic about the days before she could walk. Before she could crawl. When she depended on us to get her from point A to point B.

I already began to feel that little pang in my belly the first time she took the bottle from my hand to hold it herself. It escalated when she began sleeping in her own room at night, and it turned into a pain when she began to pull her hand away from mine so she could play, when squeezing my finger had appeared to be her sense of comfort when she was a newborn.

But the walking thing took it to a new level.

This was truly the greatest thing to ever happen to her, judging by that remarkable smile on her face. She was already becoming increasingly mobile as she mastered the art of crawling, and then speed-crawling, but this... well, this was something entirely new.

She was free.

She walked over to the kitchen where her mother was, and then turned back around and wandered over to the dogs. She made her way to her bookshelf, back around to her mother and ultimately made a bee-line back to me, that smile growing with every step. Oh, there were a few nice falls along the way, but instead of crying she simply stood back up and resumed walking, laughing and wobbling all the way.

At some point, she became bored or cocky, or both. Walking was not enough for the little wanderer, and she began reaching down to pick up her favorite toys so she could play with them, or try to eat them, while she was walking. As you might imagine, this did not help her balance very much, and the falls became a bit more frequent.

But, each time, she looked around for whatever item she inevitably dropped, grabbed it in blueberry-stained fingers and went about her way.

That first day was a good day. I was proud to see just how proud she was with each step, and happy that she was showing determination no matter what got in her way — a trait I’m pleased to share that has been pretty evident in her personality from the start. I’ve always thought in the back of my mind that I don’t really care what she chooses to do with her life in the future, just so it’s something she’s passionate about and she gives it her all.

Yeah. That first day was a good day.

Every day since? Well, not so much. While her steps have become steadier, so has her courage, and those little hands are far quicker than I ever anticipated. She is everywhere, at every time, and her endurance far exceeds anything I bring to the table. Speaking of which, tables were once the safe haven of our home, out of the reach of a curious Riley. It’s where remote controls, glasses, phones and everything else we didn’t want to get Riley-ed sat in relative peace. Yeah, that’s now gone. There are no more safe havens.

There is no more quiet.

There is no more peace.

If there’s anything that fascinates her more than walking, it’s the fact that we have two dogs living in our house. She has adored them both from the start, and they’ve taken to her, as well. But they used to have their own little safe havens on top of the couch where they could escape for a nap (hey, my dogs need a good 22 hours of sleep a day, apparently). Again, there are no safe havens, and now I spend half my time at home removing her fingers from the dogs’ ears.

But I guess that’s what this parenting gig is all about — dealing with one clumsy step at a time.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor — October 2, 2015

Responders respond with pride at event


On Sunday, Sept. 20, the very recipients of the funds generated by the 4th Annual Bethany Beach First Responders Triathlon-Duathlon-Aquabike, presented by Meris Properties, our first responders, were called to action.

In the very early morning of Sept. 20, David Marine, a 37-year-old athlete from Pottstown, Pa., collapsed while walking with fellow triathletes to the Bethany boardwalk bandstand for the Opening Ceremony. Immediately, eight members of the Sussex County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team, Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company (BBVFC) Chief Brian Martin and members BBVFC Fire Police and other emergency staff sprang into action.

Our first responders immediately started cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and were able to use the defibrillator and other lifesaving measures immediately. Fortunately, due to his immediate care, David is today, alive and well. Our first responders saved his life!

In a recent email to the race directors, David said, “I love doing the Bethany tri! Sorry to worry everyone. [I am] lucky that all the first responders were there for me. [The] good news is that I’m doing well; please let everyone know that.”

“Thank god for our first responders! We could not have picked more deserving beneficiaries for this event! Safety is Focus Multisports’ No. 1 priority in the planning and execution of all of our events.” said Rick Hundley, race director.

“We are grateful to our well-trained and capable first responders, today and every day. They are critical members of the team for our athletic events, but also in our everyday lives. We are so glad that we can help equip them to continue their good work through our fundraisers.” said Ernie Felici, race director.

With the news that David was responding well to care at Beebe Medical Center, the triathlon, duathlon and aquabike events commenced with a prayer of thanks and safety led by Rev. Mary Allen from St. Martha’s Episcopal Church in Bethany Beach.

Mother Nature also rejoiced by arranging wonderful weather, calm seas, a school of playful dolphins, and an appearance by a highly coveted whale during the swim leg!

The weekend-long schedule of events began with a pre-race party at the world famous Starboard in Dewey Beach, Del., and also benefitted Autism Speaks ( and Share-A-Lot (, in addition to first responders.

Including Meris Properties, there are other sponsors to thank: PNC Bank, ResortQuest Real Estate, Run & Tri Rehoboth Beach, Giant Foods, Bethany Blues, Wilgus Associates, Peninsula Oil, Sea Colony Homeowners Association, Coastal Point, 3rd Wave Beer, The Delaware Wave, Hyatt Place Dewey Beach, Baja Beach House Grill, Cycling Center of Coastal Delaware, Delmarva Two Way Radio, The Starboard, Mangos, D.J. Padraig, D3 Corp, Creative Resource Group, ARES, Armand’s Pizza, Bethany Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce, The Bicycle Connection, Bricks Multisport, Dickey’s Frozen Custard, The Dispatch, Hook’em & Cook’em, Ann Kangas Public Relations, Mid-South Audio , Ocean RV Center, Southern Delaware Tourism, Tansey Warner Real Estate along with Seashore Striders, Racine Multisports, U.S. Candids, Oceanonva Spa, Mid-South Audio and J&A Racing.

Special thanks to our dedicated and awesome volunteers — you rocked!

Save the date for next year: Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016.

For more details, including finish times, or if members of the community would like to thank our first responders with a donation, visit:

Bethany Beach First Responders

Go Red a hit, thanks to many


Thanks to so many who attended the 9th Annual Go Red for Women Luncheon & Fashion Show, which was recently held at Baywood Greens and was our most successful to date.

The success of the event would not be possible without our sponsors: Beebe Healthcare; Delaware Electric Co-op; Fulton Bank; Gutter Helmet; Jeanine O’Donnell-State Farm Insurance; Preston Automotive Group; Shelter Construction; WSFS Bank; and Zumba Fitness Instructors.

Dr. Rajinder Prasad was the speaker and informed everyone about heart disease and women, as well as the new program at Beebe Healthcare, the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease.

We also want to thank the following merchants and restaurants, and individuals who so generously donated money, merchandise and gift certificates for the Silent Auction and Chinese Auction. They are: 1776; Aquamarine Boutique; Mike Bacher, Realtor; Bay Road Package Store; Baywood Greens; The Beach Jetty; Bethany Blues; Micha Seto of Blooming Boutique, Lewes Gifts, & Treasures; Boulevard Ford/Lincoln-Georgetown-Lewes; The Buttery; Cape Pharmacy; Casapulla’s South; Chick-fil-A; Linda Dahl; Deanna’s & Piccolino’s; The Dental Group; East Coast Garden Center; Frankie & Louie’s Italian Market; Go Brit Fish & Chips; Harry and David; Harry K-Atlantic Jewelery; Hermit’s Hut, Thomasville, PA; Hooked Seafood & Martini Bar; Johnny Janosik; Kids Ketch; Lavender Fields; Lewes Bake Shop; Louie’s Pizza; Tiffany Hart- Mary Kay Cosmetics; Molly McAuliffe; Carol McDonald; Michy’s Restaurant, Bar & Relaxed Dining; Movies at Midway; Nassau Valley Vineyards; New Beginnings Church, Ephrata, PA; Nicola’s Pizza; Notting Hill Coffee Roastery; Ocean Grill Lewes; Pacific Wines & Spirits; Procino-Wells & Woodland LLC Law; Rehoboth Beach Country Club; Something Comfortable; State Farm Insurance; Summerhouse; Tanger Outlets; De Taylor; Touch of Italy; Two Friends; Sandy Farrell of Twila Farrell; Walgreens-Lewes; Windsor’s Flowers & Plants.

The committee members were Henrietta Belcher-Stack, Kay Burgee, Lutie Davis, Mary Esposito, Shirl Hudak, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Nicholls, Muriel Pfeiffer, Sandy Roberts and Connie Shockley.

And we cannot forget our great models: Marina Baird, Henrietta Belcher-Stack, Anastasia Boehm, Scott Crothers, Judith Hannan, Neepa Jani, Lisa Mc Donald, Joan Nicholls, Geri Pease, Sandy Roberts, Connie Shockley and Lynn Toth.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at this event on Sept.14, 2016.

Judy Aliquo and Patricia Sandy, Co-Chairs
Go Red for Women Event