Editorial — Thanksgiving for Thousands is a shining light

Date Published: 
Nov. 17, 2017

It’s not just about the beach, hunting and chicken in Sussex County.

A spirit of generosity and charitable enthusiasm is also synonymous with the area. Look at our Calendar and Continuing Events listings each week in the paper. They are filled with people raising money, volunteering or making plans to lend a hand when needed. Drive by Justin’s Beach House, or South Coastal Library, and see what a community with a goal can achieve.

There are fundraisers for scholarships, for children fighting disease and for families who need some help. There are private events, public events and community-wide events, such as Operation SEAs the Day. It seems that if someone is in a tough spot, or could use a hand up, this community rallies immediately.

There is no better illustration of this area’s charitable heart than the annual Thanksgiving for Thousands efforts, put together by Mountaire Farms.

On Monday, Nov. 20, the community will head to Mountaire’s Selbyville warehouse to pack up 8,500 boxes of food for families in the community, so that they might enjoy a great Thanksgiving meal.

“We’ll have 300-some people coming out,” said Roger Marino, Mountaire’s corporate community relations director. “We have people come from all over the peninsula who want to come. We have parents with children who want to come with them.”

If you would like to volunteer, visit, or stop by the warehouse from 8:20 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 20.

Point of No Return — There are plenty of topics to focus on this week

Date Published: 
Nov. 17, 2017

Be it the rise and proliferation of social media, the “insta-cup” mentality of many news organizations or, well, whatever, there is plenty going on around this spinning globe to get your attention. Instead of tackling one item this week, let’s look at a few. Hey, the more things I discuss, the more chances I have of irritating you with a given opinion. And, really, that’s what I’m here for, right?

So, without further ado, let’s take a walk down the opinion superhighway...

• The world’s richest 1 percent own half the world’s wealth, according to a global wealth report published by Credit Suisse earlier this week, per several articles I ran across, from PBS to

Perhaps equally as interesting, though generating fewer headlines from what I could tell on my Wednesday-morning surfathon online, is that the report also says the world’s 3.5 billion poorest adults (70 percent of the world’s working-age population), account for just 2.7 percent of global wealth.

I’m a capitalist. In fact, I’m a Capitalist with a capital “C.” I believe there should be millionaires, billionaires and whatever kind of “ionaire” Bill Gates qualifies as now. I’m also a big believer that people who create wealth through innovation or commerce, and people who work harder and perform better than the guys or girls next to them, should be compensated at a higher level than others.

That is the kind of inspiration that can lead to greater innovation, higher efficiency in the workplace and, in my opinion, a greater sense of personal satisfaction for people who earn their way up the financial ladder. I know I feel better about myself when I earn something through my own hard work. Don’t you?

That being said, the wealth disparity is out of hand. That Credit Suisse report said that the world’s richest 1 percent owned 42.5 percent of the globe’s wealth at the height of the financial crisis in 2008, and that figure is now at 50.1 percent.

I don’t know the answers. I do know it’s more complicated than looking at the situation and saying either, (a) the rich have to just give up a certain percentage of their money to the poor, or (b) we adopt a Darwinistic approach that just sees the poor go away and die somewhere.

And, though everyone seems to during these discussions, let’s not forget about those people in the middle — the ones who get up every morning, bust their bottoms at work and struggle to keep food on the table for their kids. If we fully-embrace capitalism, and expect people to work hard so they can get ahead, then we have to, you know, let them work hard and get ahead.

• I don’t know if you all watched the recent World Series between the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers, but... Wow. Two great teams put their talent and hearts on display for seven riveting games, and many of us “seamheads” were reminded once again what a beautiful game baseball can be when it is played the right way.

With the NFL seemingly going through a new drama every day, the NBA becoming a two-team league for the last three years and the NHL, well, featuring hockey, baseball has a chance to reclaim at least part of its past glory as the unofficial “National Pastime.”

Of course, another work stoppage, steroid controversy or more games pushing the four-hour mark could push baseball to the underworld for perpetuity.

• Oh, I am a hockey fan, by the way. I’ve been a fan of the Washington Capitals since they were born, which means I’m loyal. Exceedingly loyal, if you follow the Capitals’ track record over the years.

• Will we enter war with North Korea, either through traditional warfare or nuclear? That is the ultimate wildcard question to me, as both nations are governed by nonconforming and unpredictable leaders.

As someone with absolutely zero inside information, and based solely on following the events from afar, I’m going to guess that neither leader really wants to engage in war, as the cost would just be too high, but neither wants to “lose face,” so the rhetoric will continue. I like how President Trump is seemingly enlisting other Asian leaders in helping to quell the situation, but I’m not ready to say this is anything but a scary situation.

Prepare for war, and hope for peace, right?

• I wish wars were fought with national leaders playing best-of-five Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots on pay-per-view, with proceeds going to clean water and food to places that don’t have them.

• Mass shootings took place recently in Las Vegas, Texas and California, with an individual running people over in a vehicle in New York mixed in the middle.

Some people are shouting that we need better gun control. Some are screaming that we need to ban all guns. And others are hollering that we need to improve the mental health care in this country.

And nothing happens. Everything goes away with the next news controversy and nothing ever gets fixed. Taking guns from responsible gun-owners does not stop the killings, and neither does talking about mental health.

Doing nothing? Well, that accomplishes exactly what doing nothing always accomplishes. Nothing.

• It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already on us next week, which means Christmas shopping is hot on its heels — which means I’ll soon be eating cereal with sink water for three months to crawl out of financial armageddon.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor — Nov. 17, 2017

Date Published: 
Nov. 17, 2017

Akhter speaks out against proposal


Councilman Rob Arlett’s proposal to make Sussex County a “right-to-work” region is contrary to the council’s responsibility to support economic growth for its citizens.

In states with “right-to-work” laws, average workers make almost $6,000 less per year than in states without “right to work.” They are less likely to have job-based health insurance, or if they do, they pay a bigger slice of the premiums. Workers have no job security, and they are more likely to die on the job.

There is no evidence that “right-to-work” legislation increases jobs; this is even admitted by the National Right to Work Committee. Employers are not looking for “right-to-work” areas for re-location. “Right-to-work” legislation weakens union training and apprenticeships, which produce highly skilled workers — that is what employers are looking for.

“Right-to-work” is not about forcing workers to join unions; the Supreme Court has ruled to prohibit this already. “Right-to-work” legislation serves to increase profits for the richest at the expense of the poorest.

This proposal would not promote economic growth or overall wellbeing of either individuals, families, or the County as a whole. The County Council members must step up and take responsibility to defeat it!

Dr. Mohammad N. Akhter, Chairman

38th District, Sussex County

Democratic Party

Reader speaks out on behalf of mentoring


“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” — Mother Teresa

On Monday morning, Nov. 13. I met my mentee at the Selbyville Middle School. I feel so strongly about this program that I wanted to share the opportunity with my fellow Delaware citizens.

If you have questions about the Delaware mentoring program, call Creative Mentoring at (302) 686-2122 for Jennifer Marek or contact your local school coordinator. Less than an hour a week from October to May/June is all that is asked.

No academics are involved — just be the young person’s adult friend. Background check, a one-day three-hour class and a discussion with the school coordinator to find the best match, and you are on your way. Classes are still being scheduled. There are many more future citizens in need of mentoring. There is also a great need for male mentors.

How does a mentoring a student help?

The benefits of mentoring are well-documented. Studies by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware and Creative Mentoring have found the following improvements by youth:

• 81 percent exhibit improved self-confidence, self-esteem and self-control;

• 61 percent show an improved attitude toward learning;

• 46 percent are less likely to start using illegal drugs;

• 52 percent are less likely to skip school;

• 27 percent are less likely to start drinking.

Paul Bolton

Bethany Beach

Reader opposes Regulation 225


The proposed Education Regulation 225 will allow Delaware students to “self-identify” their gender and race without parents’ knowledge or consent. Wow! Whoever came up with this idea? Who gave the governor and Department of Education the right or authority to determine the “gender” or “race” of children without the parent’s consent?

This is so un-American. Words cannot express my frustration with the Delaware governorship, education department and elected officials if this regulation is adopted.

And do not call my frustration “racist,” bigoted, etc., because it is not. I’m frustrated because the backbone of America, and therefore Delaware, is the family unit, and Regulation 225 will destroy this unit.

What is this — allowing boys to play female sports, and male students may access female restrooms, locker rooms and overnight accommodations. They simply need to “identify” as female to gain access – an unbelievably stupid, illogical, bad idea!

Also, students can be taught about gender identity as early as kindergarten, and parents are not required to know about it? We do not send our children to school to be taught this type of information. To be truthful with you, we would consider not sending in our portion of the school tax to the State if this regulation is enforced. Jail time for not paying taxes would be better than having our students endure the consequences of this regulation.

Charles Derick


Reader wants gun control right now

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to President Donald Trump, U.S. Sens. Tom Carper and Chris Coons, U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt-Rochester, state Sen. Gerald Hocker Sr., state Rep. Ron Gray and Gov. John Carney, and was sent to the Coastal Point for publication.

Have mercy! We have suffered too much of the horror caused by deadly high-powered assault weapons whose only purpose is to do a lot of killing really fast. Our great country is shamed that, among the leading nations of the world, we alone have not figured out how to protect our citizens from this deadly public health threat.

We elected you, and you need to pass legislation, state and national, that keeps these high capacity-style weapons and any enhancement devices out of the hands of the mentally ill or any disgruntled ordinary citizen. We need universal background checks that are adhered to and work.

The 2nd Amendment does not entitle anyone to own such weapons. They are not sporting equipment meant to shoot ducks or supply a family with venison to help get through the winter.

You need to take real and courageous action toward protective legislation and don’t be bullied by the NRA. You will find tremendous support among your constituents for tighter restriction on all gun sales in stores, at shows and on the internet. No legislation will be perfect, but do your job and it will save lives.

Jeannie Bennett Fleming


Bethany festival a truly great event


Every year at the beginning of October, I start to look forward to Halloween. Halloween happens to be one of my favorite holidays. Living in Bethany, I now have the Wags, Witches & Warlocks festival and parade. This is a fundraising event for Partners for Paws of Delaware.

I so enjoyed seeing how creative pet owners can be getting their pets into such original costumes. An added attraction to this year’s parade was the participation of the Indian River High School Marching Band. I hope the band will continue to be part of Wags, Witches & Warlocks for future festivals. It was such a nice treat.

Marilyn Panagopoulos

Bethany Beach

Reader disagrees with previous letter


In response to Rev. Deborah Hypolite: Yes! Millions of God-loving, patriotic Americans continue to support our president.

You mention “questionable character.” Read John 8:7: “He that is without sin cast the first stone.” No, our president is not perfect, no one is. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

You quote Jeremiah 17:9-10. The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? “I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.”

You are judging millions of U.S. citizens because you didn’t get your way on Election Day. The heart of America wants Peace, Freedom and Sovereignty. We want our Constitution observed and upheld. We have a Love of God, Family and Country. We are the not the divisive ones. We want our country to prosper. We want our president to succeed. We want our country united but the liberal left and mainstream media are pushing a false narrative, distortion and lies.

II Chronicles 7: 14: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Our country is not perfect, but if we as a nation would do this, we can prosper. We can heal. Sadly, just this week the left mocked the prayers of Christians with a recent tragedy. At the 2012 Democratic convention, they booed God. You tell me whose heart is wicked.

Romans 13:1: “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Do you think God was surprised Mr. Trump became president? Do you think He isn’t aware?

Proverbs 11:14: “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers.” Our president has a prayer team and spiritual advisors. Here are just a few of his team: Dr. James Dobson, Jerry Falwell Jr., Richard Land, Rev. Paula White, the Copelands, Pastor Mark Burns, James Robison, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Pastor David Jeremiah.

The list of advisors is extensive and broad. Are you suggesting these people are not up to par? They don’t know the word of God? They will lead him astray? I think not. Maybe you should join them in prayer for our country, leadership and citizens.

The word of God is not trail mix to pick and choose what suits you or your agenda. It’s all or nothing. God’s word is true, prophetic and relevant and what our country needs.

If you are upset with our leadership, then pray for them. As a reverend, I’d think you would know and do that.

God bless America!

Donna Purcell


Readers see no issue in Bethany Beach


So, the Bethany Beach council has sent out a survey to the “full-time” residences about banning/limiting certain shading devices on the beach.

This is obviously an attempt to kick the can down the road and have a scapegoat to go to, no matter what the outcome.

If no changes are established, they can report to the very few residences that actually have complained that it’s not their fault no changes were put in place because the survey results didn’t warrant one.

Conversely, if a ban on certain shading devices is implemented, they can respond to the thousands of families that come on vacation and use these devices to shade their families from the harmful rays of the sun that, “It’s not our fault we have ruined your beach experience, it was the survey.”

They are obviously doing this because they know no changes are needed and don’t want to take the decisions themselves and incur the wrath of vacationers that have come year after year and will feel blindsided by these changes and by the businesses that will lose money when these same families go to beaches that allow them to protect their families as they seem right.

The only “problems” that should be addressed are these;

• When people set up large areas early in the morning and don’t show up till later. (This has nothing to do with the type of shading device used)

• Any device that is secured by a rope that causes a tripping hazard (easily enforced without banning or limiting certain devices).

To be sure, there is some common sense being used on the council. Some of the members realize that if you limit the size and type of devices used, it will just force these families to erect even more devices to gets the same shade area that they need, therefore crowing the beach further.

Also, of the thousands of families that come to Bethany Beach for a week or two every year, how many complaints are there really? And are these complaints primary by people that complain about everything? People that are not happy that outsiders come to “their” town every year for vacation? Do they realize the millions of dollars that are pumped into the economy by these outsiders? Do they realize that tourism is the only industry in this town, and when you over- legislate against these people, you are cutting your own throat.

This is a solution in search of a problem. The best action is for the council to do nothing, because there really isn’t a problem. We all know that doing nothing when no action is needed goes against what politicians usually believe, but maybe, just maybe, common sense will prevail.

Ron & Sharon Ruest


Reader against right-to-work legislation


I am writing to express my strong opposition to the [“right-to-work”] legislation being considered by the Sussex County Council. This “right” has been used to destroy the unions that achieved the rights and protections workers currently have, often at great personal cost. All workers should make some contribution toward protecting what they have, even though they choose not to join a union.

Diann Sherwin


Right-to-work gets a thumbs-down


The current proposal by local Republicans for a “right to work” law simply means the right to work for lower wages, no benefits and no job security.

Richard Vanni

Ocean View