Local surfers to compete in Surf Shop final at Dew Tour

Date Published: 
June 27, 2014

This weekend’s Dew Tour Beach Championships, being held in Ocean City, Md., feature some of the best surfers in the area among both national and international talent, set to take to the waves in Thursday night’s Amateur Surf Shop final.

To overcome typically minimal wave conditions, riders were to tow-in on personal watercraft and compete by launching airs, in the event scheduled for 8 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, June 26.

Colin Herlihy,

Chauncey’s Surf Shop

Age: 33

Hometown: Bethany Beach

Home break: Indian River Inlet

Dew Tour quiver: 6’0” Channel Islands Wierdo Ripper, 6’0” Channel Islands New Flyer

Sponsors: Hurley, Dizm Eyewear, Toobs Bodyboards, Chauncey’s Surf Shop, Channel Island Surfboards, Crazy 8’s Restaurant, The Wildlyfe, Yeah Harry, BackwoodsCrew.com

A Dew Tour veteran, Herlihy returns to the Surf Shop final as the only surfer representing the state of Delaware. With 20 years’ experience in contest surfing, including three years competing at Dew Tour and one year consulting, Herlihy also adds years of experience at tow-in surfing — famously taking on Hurricane Sandy less than two years ago.

“I am honored to be the only Delaware guy in the event and very grateful of the opportunity,” said the Dew Tour vet. “I am looking forward to a great time and making my hometown proud.

“For me, it’s all in good fun and pushing each rider to their full potential. I am going into the event with good vibes and rooting on all of my fellow competitors. I just hope for fun surf so everyone can push each other, and put on a show.”

Brad Flora,

Chauncey Surf Shop

Age: 19

Hometown: Baltimore transplant

Home break: 46th Street, Ocean City, Md.

Dew Tour quiver: 5’6” Brian Wynn

Sponsors: Ripcurl, Dizm eyewear

A Baltimore native, Flora moved to Ocean City to pursue his surfing career. Known for his tube riding and aerial ability, Flora was certainly a name to watch for on Thursday night.

“It’s a good opportunity to surf in front of your friends,” said Flora of the event. “It’d be cool to see the surfing [at Dew Tour] expand into a bigger deal.”

Flora went on to note that he is looking forward to seeing some bowl skating when he isn’t competing.

Seth Conboy,

Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop

Age: 19

Hometown: Ocean City, Md.

Home break: 34th Street, Ocean City, Md.

Dew Tour quiver: Super Brand 5’8” by 19” by 2.25”, Sharp Eye 5’8” by 18.88” by 2.25”

Sponsors: Brixton, Xcel Wetsuits, Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop, Sharp Eye Surfboards

A member of the Flagler College Surf Team in Florida, Conboy last competed in the NSSA College Men’s East Coast Championships. Returning home for summer break, the Ocean City native will look to incorporate his signature air reverse in the Surf Shop Final. Conboy also participated in the 2013 Dew Tour.

“It means a lot to be chosen out of such a big pool of talented surfers to represent Ocean City on such a large scale,” he said. “I’m stoked that Dew Tour asked us to compete again.”

Conboy is also looking forward to seeing some bowl skating after competing and, like Flora, would like to see the surfing be incorporated more into future Dew Tours.

“I definitely think they should continue having a surf event,” he went on. “The surfing event really complements the whole idea of having an action-sport event. Having surfing, skating and BMX all together, alongside with concerts at night, is an excellent recipe for a successful event.”

Waldon Remington III,

Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop

Age: 25

Hometown: Ocean City, Md.

Home break: 30th-50th Street, Ocean City, Md.

Dew Tour quiver: 5’9” Roberts

Sponsors: Fox, Shapers fins, Nectar sunglasses, Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop

Remington joins the Dew Tour for the first time — and it also happens to be his first time competing in any contest in more than a year. Despite the hiatus from wearing a jersey, Remington was expected to be one of the stars of the show on Thursday night.

“It feels great to know that I was selected,” he said of the honor. “Representing Ocean City means that I want to spread knowledge that our area is a good, clean family town.”

Remington said that, when he’s not in the water, he is most looking forward to seeing Pedro Barros skate the bowl at Dew Tour.

As of Coastal Point press time on Wednesday, June 25, the Amateur Surf Shop Final lineup was still subject to change. Also expected to compete were Maryland’s Simon Hetrick, Tyler Clazey and Sam Deeley.

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