Liddy Loves Clothes and color in Clarksville

Date Published: 
June 6, 2014

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: Liddy Loves Clothes opened nearly two months ago, featuring fun, vibrant, colored décor and clothing.Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: Liddy Loves Clothes opened nearly two months ago, featuring fun, vibrant, colored décor and clothing.It’s hard to ignore the candy-colored shop in Clarksville, although it may be one of Route 26’s smallest shops. Liddy Loves Clothes is bursting with color, from light green walls to a pink heart painted overhead.

And, with an open door and a line of clothes spilling open like flags on the breeze, the front lawn echoes the clothing: “super casual, fun summer stuff,” said owner Linda Siegel.

The fashions are designed to be casual and comfortable, but pretty, with beads, braid and woven designs. All the fabrics flow gently in the breeze, from long beachy dresses to tops, skirts and cover-ups.

The few black clothes only serve to make the other colors shine brighter. That includes Siegel’s.

“I always wear black, but I love color at home,” she said. “I won’t wear it, but I love it! It makes me happy.”

Many of the dresses, shirts and skirts are one-size-fits-all.

Some people might think, “That’s not gonna fit me,” Siegel said.

“Watch the magic,” is her favorite response.

She’ll grab a seemingly small peasant top that stretches to drape over any form. The clothes hang easily either way.

“They go from a 6 to a 16,” she said of the one-size-fits-all style. “I’m really honest with what I think will fit people … with what looks good. I don’t want to walk around looking like a dope!” And she wants customers to take home the perfect outfit.

Many of the clothes are handmade, hand-dyed or batik.

“They’re just fun,” she said. “Nothing’s not comfy in here.”

People can finish the shopping trip with purses, scarves, earrings and homemade goat milk soaps by Cindi’s Soaps of Bethany Beach. Glass mosaics catch the sunlight, glowing in windows and on small handmade tables. These are all Siegel’s creations.

“They just go with this place,” she mused, having been invited to hang them at other businesses and galleries.

Caribbean colors cover every inch, from fabric (funky abstracts, paisleys, florals and stripes) to décor (blue shutters, purple Adirondack chairs and every hue of potted flowers).

When Siegel arrived, she wanted to wake up the sleepy little building, located on Route 26 next to Lavender & Lace.

“The floor was brown, the walls were brown, the lighting was fluorescent,” she said.

Customers have noticed the renovations, made possible by Siegel’s husband.

“I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. They love it.” She was modest, but honestly, she said, “I think it’s adorable.”

Siegel wants a fun atmosphere, from antique pink-and-blue furniture to the friendly chatter.

“The customers just really like it,” she said. “I usually make everyone laugh, and they come back! I have lot of repeat customers.”

“My goal is just to make people happy,” Siegel continued. She’s also happy in such a cozy location, with clothes and gifts on every wall. “I’m just gonna pack it with stuff.”

Clothes range in price from about $20 to $50. With new shipments coming every week, “It’s always gonna be different when you come in.”

She’ll keep going in winter, too, with longer sleeves and (slightly) cooler colors.

Back in 1990, Siegel opened a boutique in Chincoteague, Va., called

CraZy LadyZ!, which she sold in 2005 and which now has locations in both Ocean City, Md., and Ocean View. She later managed a Chico’s clothing shop, where she earned the nickname “Liddy.”

She wanted a pink heart as her sign, so Liddy Loves Clothes was born. The Clarksville shop has been open for nearly two months. Liddy’s has been a clothing vendor at Good Earth Market and still plans to attend several art festivals this year.

Liddy Loves Clothes is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and only closed on Sundays. For more information, call (302) 236-8772. All major credit cards are accepted.