IR parents will be checking their emails more often

District to send emails instead of fliers to be more efficient

Date Published: 
June 6, 2014

Children are less likely these days to lose important paperwork in their backpacks, since the Indian River School District is offering a new paperless information system. Parents will now receive promotional literature in the form of emails, instead of the traditional paper fliers.

The district launched the Peachjar system on June 2. With the system, paperwork usually posted in schools or sent home with students will be emailed to parents and posted on the schools’ public websites, advertising school events or making district announcements.

“Paper fliers may get buried in the kids’ backpack and the parents may never see it,” said IRSD Public Information Officer Dave Maull. The Peachjar system offers “a little bit better chance of getting it,” he said.

The information being offered can include events such as band concerts, festivals or sign-ups for community sports teams.

Principals must approve every flier, but other staff may help post the documents online.

Outside organizations can still send home electronic fliers, but they must pass the same approval process, with the school principal or district superintendent approving the final document.

“If there’s an outside organization that wants to distribute materials to our students, they have to go through the Peachjar system,” Maull said, but that’s the easy part.

Those aiming to submit a flier must visit to create a username and password, then upload a PDF file of the flier. IRSD staff will then approve or reject the flier from there. The rules remain the same for community organizations as they have been, and materials from “for-profit” organizations will not be distributed.

“It’s a good system, and we really think it’s going to get us a wider reach,” Maull said. “It really does save a lot of money,” he added.

Often, the schools or district will send out public notices in both English and Spanish, and that will continue. And the sign-up process for parents will, in many cases, mean taking no action at all.

“Most people have provided the school with an email address,” Maull said. “So, as long as a person has an email address on file, they got it.”

In those cases, no action by parents is required. Peachjar has sent every guardian with an email on file a welcome email and password so they can manage their accounts and delivery preferences.

Email addresses will not be shared with any other service.

Those not already in the Peachjar system can also sign up via the Peachjar link can be found on IRSD’s main webpage, at The school fliers are also posted publicly there.

“We think it’s going to be a really good system. It’s more efficient than posting paper fliers,” Maull said.

The AlertNow phone system will still deliver urgent updates, such as weather delays or breaking news.

“It’s a good system, and we really think it’s going to get us a wider reach,” Maull said. “It really does save a lot of money” in printing and paper costs.