Hospitals team up for Health Partners Delmarva

Date Published: 
August 1, 2014

Peninsula Regional Medical Center and Bayhealth have met in the middle to announce a new partnership across the peninsula. HealthPartners Delmarva looks to find new ways of reaching into the community as public health changes in the 21st century. The move is not a merger, nor is it facility-based. No new hospitals will be springing up.

PRMCs President/CEO Peggy Naleppa emphasized at the joint announcement this week how like-minded the two organizations are, and that they don’t step on each other’s toes, in terms of geography (PRMC is based in Salisbury, Md., and Bayhealth has Kent County and Milford locations.) So it made sense to share best practices and other training or information to improve both systems, she said.

The “triple aim” is to provide people with the best care in the best setting with the best cost, she emphasized.

There was no influx of money from one system to the other, she said, and all costs and representation in the new LLC are being split 50/50.

In the near term, they’ll create a team to define the partnership, and in the long term, they’ll brainstorm on how to leverage their buying power.

It’s a general description, Bayhealth president/CEO Terry Murphy admitted, “But we are right at the beginning … as we develop what HealthPartners Delmarva is to become.”

The average patient probably won’t see any impacts right now, but the team is working to engage patients more in managing health better.

It’s too early to tell how this could impact employment at the hospitals, Murphy said, although he noted that programs such as the computerized coding of patient records could actually increase employment opportunities right now.

The new LLC does not affect PRMC’s new facilities in Millsboro or in Berlin, Md., or the renovations and additions for Bayhealth.

When asked if this is an attempt to snag Sussex County patients, Naleppa said PRMC already has a patient base locally.

“We’re establishing what each of us truly believes is the future of healthcare on Delmarva,” Naleppa said.

Murphy thanked their boards for the “foresight to work together” to improve themselves and reduce health costs. “We can now share the ideas and innovations.”