Gallery One’s new show ‘Games People Play’ opens March 8

Gallery One in Ocean View this week announced their new theme show, called “Games People Play,” which will run from March 8 through March 26.

“Games can stimulate the brain of the participants to image, problem solve and interact with other people. The artists of Gallery One each responded to this theme with their own personal experiences,” representatives noted.

Coastal Point • Submitted: Jeanne Mueller’s ‘Jacks’ is a pastel featured in Gallery One’s new theme show, ‘Games People Play’ during the month of March.Coastal Point • Submitted: Jeanne Mueller’s ‘Jacks’ is a pastel featured in Gallery One’s new theme show, ‘Games People Play’ during the month of March.Some of the artists have gravitated to images of their grandchildren. In “I Choose Barbie,” Lesley McCaskill has painted an enthralled child intently looking and interacting with her doll while other toys are left splayed around her. The colorful watercolor shows an active use of hues, yet there is a quiet space of delicate color in the child’s face and doll.

“Jacks” depicts a favorite childhood game for Jeanne Mueller – one that has become a special activity to share with her granddaughter. In her pastel, Mueller has created a still-life of the relationship of angular pieces to the curves of a ball and the use of rich color in thick pastel.

“Thanks Grandpa,” an acrylic by Fay Kempton, uses muted tones, aiming to give the viewer a nostalgic feeling. Kempton said her husband suggested the subject, granddad playing checkers with a grandchild, because that was his experience.

“I Win,” an acrylic by Dale Sheldon, captures a child running from her parent into the surf. The sun-drenched painting and the subject is designed to bring warmth to the viewer.

“Classic” is a tribute to baseball and to Anne Hanna’s husband. For the last 10 years, Gary Hanna has played ball with other local men. In her work, Hanna has rendered a worn mitt and ball on a field of grass.

Laura Hickman’s “Ready, Aim, Shoot” is an oil that shows women’s sports in the 1940’s. In the piece, several collage athletes are dressed in skirts and sweaters to shoot their arrows. Hickman has aimed to entertain with variety in color and pattern in the clothing and a bit of humor with the seriousness of the figures.

“He Loves Me... He loves Me Not” is a delicate, romantic image of daisies showing some blossoms spent and the petals falling off. Diane Shearon’s watercolor was inspired by the coming of spring, with cheerful daisies.

These are just some of the paintings in the exhibit.

Visitors are welcomed to come to Gallery One and see the work of all 16 exhibiting artists, and to visit the Artesian Room, where visitors will find new work by potters Wes Stack and Carmella Coleman; fiber work by Jill Thomas and Deborah Lewis-Idema; jewelry by Fay Kempton; digital photography by Kevin Fleming; and crafted wood pieces by Mary Costa.

As a full-service gallery, Gallery One offers framed and unframed paintings, sculpture, limited-edition prints, notecards, textiles, pottery, jewelry and a wide range of art classes. The gallery is always staffed by one of the artists and is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue in Ocean View, across from Blockbuster Video. It is opened seven days a week.

For more information call the gallery at (302) 537-5055 or visit their Web site at