Atlantic Shoals, Relyance Skim Camp hosting weekly skim demo

Date Published: 
June 13, 2014

Coastal Point • Tripp Colonell: Pro skimboarder Dave Bracht looks down the line during last Saturday's skim jam.Coastal Point • Tripp Colonell: Pro skimboarder Dave Bracht looks down the line during last Saturday's skim jam.With ocean temps warming up and spring swells dying down, Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop and Relyance Skim Camp are helping local youth beat the heat with their weekly skim demos held in Fenwick Island.

Currently being held from 6 to 7 p.m. on Saturday nights on the beach at the state line, the free demos will move to Thursday nights at the same time and place starting in July.

Not only will skimmers get a chance to try out different boards, but they’ll also get a chance to hang out and skim with pro skimboarders and Relyance Skim Camp owners Dave and Tom Bracht, and Atlantic Shoals shop manager Jay Kleman.

“Exile’s sending us like eight boards. The boards are brand new. They’re for kids to try out,” said Tom Bracht. “Let’s just say a kid finds a certain size board or shape, he can go to Atlantic Shoals and buy it.”

“It’s not like a competition. It’s just go out and catch some waves, no matter what kind of board you’re riding,” Dave Bracht added.

The purpose of the demo is to test out boards and have fun, and both brothers emphasized that it isn’t an instructional camp — however, they’ll certainly answer a few questions.

“If you have questions, we can answer them, but then you can also try a bunch of different boards,” Dave Bracht explained.

“Basically, you come here to have a good time and try out boards,” Tom Bracht added. “It’s not like a free clinic, but we’re good dudes and we want to see everyone progress and learn.”

After testing out boards from Exile and Catch Surf, everyone is invited to get some ice cream at Ba Roos, where they can check out some surf movies at Bethany Beach’s newest ice cream shop.

“We’re teaming up with them to basically to have a skim jam and then everyone go get some ice cream at Ba Roos,” explained Tom Bracht.

“That’s what you do anyway as a kid: you come to the beach, you hustle all day, you get tired and you’re like, ‘I just want some ice cream,’” Kleman said of the concept.

On a different night of the week, which has yet to be set, Atlantic Shoals will also host surf movie night, where they’ll play surf movies on a projector on the side of the shop and invite everyone to come hang out.

“We have a projector and movie screen we set up. We usually run them at eight o’clock — bring your own beach chair,” said Kleman. “We’ll always show ‘Endless Summer’ first, and then we’ll just progress through stuff — something that has a history and shows the culture behind everything.”

“What we eventually want to do is have everyone here having fun and then everyone go back to the shop and just hang out,” Tom Bracht explained the concept of bringing together the local surfing community.

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