‘IR for iPhone’

Indian River launches official sports app, online store

Date Published: 
February 7, 2014

All Indian River High School sports fans need to know about their favorite IRHS athletic program is now available on their smartphone, and all the gear they need for game day is now available via their computers, as the school announced the launch of its first official mobile app this week, as well as the launch of their first official online store.

“[The app] is available to any high school in the country. Eventually, you’ll see it across the state,” said IRHS Athletic Director Todd Fuhrman. “You can access our team store from the app, as well.”

The free app is available in both the iTunes and Google app stores, by searching for “My Time Schools,” and is designed to keep fans updated with the latest information on scheduling and rosters, and it even includes a social media function, through which registered members can invite each other to games and post what games they will be attending to Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s going to start off big with the kids, because it’s an app and it’s a new thing,” Fuhrman predicted. “But, for parents, it’s another venue for access to schedules. Sometimes schedules change quickly in the winter and the spring, with all the rain. If I have to change a schedule, I’ll send out an alert. It’s another way of keeping you informed.”

Designed to make it easier for fans to attend and enjoy games, the app provides directions to schools and offers the ability to communicate with other fans that have downloaded it.

“If a parent’s not sure where they’re going, instead of trying to find it on the web, they just hit the button and it pulls up the address, and you can go right to Google Maps from that,” Fuhrman described. “We’re trying to embrace the technology. This is a great thing for college kids that want to go to a game. They can all meet up if they have this app.”

Right now, the app performs a variety of functions — but, according to Fuhrman, a newer version will be launched this summer that will enable even more features.

“We’re in the process of that,” he stated regarding “My Time 2.0.” “Eventually, this can be built in, where it will be one tool for everything that happens at Indian River High School. They can go through this app and stay connected some way.”

“It’s also a great avenue for advertising. There’s some other features where, if you want to buy space to honor your son or daughter or an alumnus, you can purchase a scrolling ad.”

A direct link to the Coastal Point sports page for stories and game recaps is also available to keep fans up to date.

The “Indians Spirit Shop” can be found by going to www.mylocker.net and searching for Indian River, and it gives fans, players and coaches a wide variety of customizable apparel from which to choose. Not only are T-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear, polos and hats available for popular sports teams, such as the football, soccer and basketball teams, but the store offers the ability to design gear for as-yet non-existent programs, including surfing and rugby.

“I’ve got cards coming out for discounts that I’ll be handing out at games,” Fuhrman highlighted of the plan for the shop’s promotion. “You can access [the store] through our app or on the web.”

To inquire about advertising on the app, contact Todd Fuhrman at (302) 732-3196. All proceeds from advertising and team shop sales will go toward the Indian River High School athletic program.