Guest Column: How stress affects your overall health

Stress is inescapable. It can be societal, like war or terrorism. It can be community-related, like drugs or disease. It can be personal, like marriage or finances. It’s no secret that stress makes us feel bad, but just how “bad” is stress for us?

A chance encounter hits home

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: From left, Frank Bolen, Craig Lednum, Cory Lednum, Richard Ouellette, Tara Ouellette, Gene Mowery and Doug Mowery prepare to cast off on a rocket ride aboard the ‘Get Bent’Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: From left, Frank Bolen, Craig Lednum, Cory Lednum, Richard Ouellette, Tara Ouellette, Gene Mowery and Doug Mowery prepare to cast off on a rocket ride aboard the ‘Get Bent’People often ask why I live at the beach.

The waves are few and far between, the ocean gets cold, the weather is nasty, the winter is dreary. The list of cons seems to be never-ending. There is so much beauty throughout the world, why limit yourself to this region?

Having a response to all of these statements and questions has never been easy. As a matter of fact, the best retort has been a mumbling of gobbledygook that never quite allowed for the true expression of what feelings are nestled inside of my heart.

Lessons on living are available every moment of every day. Words of wisdom apparently fly by this thick-headed skull on a daily basis, more frequently than skimboards at a Monday-night session on the beach in Bethany. They come from the residents at Brandywine Senior Living, my coworkers, kids at school… I could go on, but the point is that answers will come from anybody and anywhere.

As good fortune shone down on Friday, Sept. 11, I was building an arbor over my front walkway when a pickup stopped in the driveway, in search of 99 Oak Lane, looking for the Ledlum residence. He looked vaguely familiar, but time was of the essence, as he said that he was participating in the Warrior Beach Week for Operation SEAs the Day. After 25 years, one might think that I would know the streets in my own development by now, but nope.

Local responders get some support, gratitude

The last year or so hasn’t been an easy time nationally for emergency responders — particularly police officers.

Wood: We all failed in saving a life

We failed.

One of our neighbors lost his life recently in a fire in a vacant home. He was living a generally homeless life.

Wounded warriors storm the shore next week

This community will be fortunate enough to receive 30 wounded warriors and their families next week, and we all have Operation SEAs the Day to thank for that opportunity.

Labor Day is just the beginning of the fun

Labor. Day. Weekend. Those are three words that carry significant weight in our little slice of heaven by the shore.

Guest Column: Dissecting management, labor and government

Once upon a time there was a big bad ogre called Management.

Management controlled all the industrial jobs in what was considered the Industrial Revolution in America. It happened elsewhere as well, but the evolutionary process here in America was decidedly different from the rest of the world.

Letters to the Editor — September 4, 2014

BBFM thanks BBLA for their support


The Board of the Bethany Beach Farmers’ Market Inc. would like to express its appreciation to the BBLA (Bethany Beach Landowners Association) for their support of the market since its inception. The Farmers’ Market listed its deep appreciation to many groups and people in a notice published in last week’s paper. Unfortunately, BBLA was inadvertently omitted from that list, even after being featured in earlier drafts.

The well-loved Sunday Bethany Beach Farmers’ Market would probably not have come into existence in 2007 without support from BBLA (Bethany Beach Landowners Association). The market would probably not have opened last year without the creation of a BBLA-sponsored committee formed to assist the Market in a time of transition and need. While it takes many people to raise a market, it is fair to say that the market would not be here today if BBLA had not played a pivotal role in its foundation.

IRSD school board appears to be in good hands

It has been a while since Charles Bireley was not the president of the Indian River School Board. In fact, Bireley has served that role faithfully for the past 10 years, and has held the seat for 15 of his 38 years helping direct the educational path for generations of students to pass through our local schools.

Patience, relaxation key these next few weeks

Well, we’ve hit that little bubble between the hectic days of summer madness and the hectic days of Labor Day weekend.

Schools through the region have swung back into gear, meaning fewer families are taking their week-long vacations, and more service employees have returned to college. On the bright side, there has been some relief as far as traffic congestion and lines at restaurants. On the dark side, economic realities are starting to bite again, and many local shops and restaurants are finding themselves understaffed, particularly during weekdays.

Freeman Stage an absolute treasure to area

You want to know what’s a good time?

Yes, picking through a bunch of steamed crabs with your friends while enjoying some cold adult beverages is definitely a good time. And, sure, hanging out on the beach with your loved ones on a “Sunday Funday” is always a good time. And I suppose calling that number etched into the wall in the bathroom stall that promises a good time could do just that, but Tom Maglio doesn’t always answer his home phone, so there are no guarantees on that one.

Letters to the Editor — August 21, 2015

Reader questions public comments

Reader encourages people to take survery


Residents of the Dirickson Creek area in Sussex County are being invited right now to take an online opinion survey being conducted by the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays. I write to strongly urge Dirickson Creek area residents to take the survey! It could be vital to the future of your beautiful area, and to the value of your home. Take the survey! (Here’s the official link:

It’s a rough patch, but Town can move forward

Not every problem is a permanent one.

Yes, things are somewhat difficult in Frankford right now. Over the past several months we have seen the town solicitor, a popular police chief and two council members resign their positions (the chief technically retired, and an able one has replaced him, but it is still a significant loss). Public meetings have turned into confrontational affairs between council members and residents, council members against council members and residents against residents. The Town is owed tens of thousands of dollars from residents, and for a small town, that can be near-crippling in terms of operational functionality.

There are times the old filter just doesn’t work

On occassion, I have “filter” issues.

No, not the kind of filter one would find with an air conditioning unit, nor the kind that keeps coffee grounds out of your cup every morning. I’m talking about that metaphorical internal filter we’re all supposed to possess that provides us guidance in terms of what information we should share outwardly, and what we would best be served just keeping to ourselves.

It’s the one that has saved millions of marriages over the years when a husband is asked, “Do I look fat in this?” The one that kicks in to offer a breath of sanity when a guy built like a Mack truck on steroids looks directly into your eyes at a bar and asks, “You got something to say?”

Letters to the Editor — August 14, 2015

Reader questions public comments


I understand that Don Hattier is a respected community leader and offers his wisdom and skills both as a practicing chiropractor, a proud member of the IRSD Board, an active volunteer at the Cape Henlopen Fort Miles restoration and events.

However, Tuesday morning, while on air at WXDE-105.9 FM, he was asked by the host about the selection of the new school board member chosen at Monday night’s meeting. He was extremely complimentary to her and included among her outstanding qualities: highly knowledgeable about special education, being conservative and holding christian values.

Good news in beach towns regarding elections

Lost in the attention being paid locally to the recent election in Fenwick Island, two softball World Series taking place down the road and a prominent local town councilman resigning in the middle of a meeting is the fact that Bethany Beach will not have a town council election this year.

Another year of amazing memories in Roxana

Greetings from Roxana!

Well, technically I’m writing this from my comfy chair in the air-conditioned Coastal Point Worldwide Headquarters in Ocean View, but the majority of my time this week has been spent in Roxana, sitting on hard bleachers with my head turning a kaleidoscope of colors from an unrelenting sun, while an army of partially-digested hot dogs practiced marching drills in my belly.

And it has been awesome.

Letters to the Editor — July 31, 2015

Bethany parade a hit, thanks to many
Praise has rolled in for the 2015 edition of our Bethany Beach July 4th parade.

Fenwick Four generating lots of conversation

There has been a lot of talk recently about the “Fenwick Four,” and the group’s collective effort to win seats on the Fenwick Island Town Council following the scheduled Aug. 1 election. Some of that talk has been good, while some of it has been not-so-good.

But there’s definitely been talk.

Selbyville reacted in best way possible

Things happen.

That’s just the reality of life. No matter how hard we prepare, plan or maintain something, from our personal lives to our jobs, sometimes bad things just happen. What makes a difference is how we react.

Laws happen for a reason. They have to, right?

Somewhere after cursing out my fantasy baseball team and trying to learn how to juggle chicken tenders on YouTube during an Internet marathon the other night, I stumbled across an interesting series of blogs written by Janet Lindenmuth on the Widener University law library website.

LSLL girls a bright spot for community

We try to play the part of neutral observers here.

It’s our job to relay information to you, the readers, in a clear and concise manner, without prejudice. If we do what we’re supposed to do, our readers can make their own decisions based on the best information available to them at the time.

Our friends in the ocean are visiting the beach

There’s a lot to be said for that big puddle of water over to our east.

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