The shoulder season is now in all our sights

Flowers are beginning to dot our area landscape again, the honking of geese has begun to be replaced by the chirping of songbirds and our clocks spring ahead an hour this weekend. Yes, one and all, it would appear that spring is starting to make its way back to our little oasis by the sea.

Understanding the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The release of the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) has generated a lot of interest. The DGA are used to develop federal food, nutrition, and health policies and programs, as well as education materials for schools, colleges, businesses, community groups, media and the food industry.

New program builds teamwork and confidence

The impressive lists of awards and even-longer list of honors students tells us that the Indian River School Dsitrict does a very admirable job in teaching our children what they are expected to be taught.

But we all know there is more to school than the basics of arithmetic and English.

Another election cycle. Another disappointment

There has come a time in every recent presidential election when I’ve started to get a real feel for the candidates and their takes on the most important issues facing our nation today and it all becomes clear.

Women and heart disease: Make steps to decrease risk

“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus,” a best-selling book several years ago, clearly convinced women that emotionally they differed from men. Unfortunately, despite American Heart Association’s increased awareness campaign for women, 46 percent of women still don’t know their relationship to heart disease.

Overcrowded schools becoming a real problem

Anyone navigating our local roads in the “offseason” can tell that there are simply more cars on the road than before.

New developments we have seen pop up on the local landscape largely means there are more second-home owners than before, but it also translates into more year-round residents. More year-round residents means more students in our schools.

All jobs come with challenges, some dangers

There has been a lot of talk about raising the minimum wage, and probably even more conversation about not raising the minimum wage.

Guest Column: IBF aims to address climate change, reduce pollution

I’m here to tell you that our planet is in trouble; and our watershed is in trouble.

But I’m also here to say that each of us can have a positive impact.

Why do I make these statements?

Artillery park is more than just another display

The Fort Miles Historical Association, in conjunction with Delaware State Parks, will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for an artillery park on Saturday, Feb. 20, in the historic section of the park.

What’s missing from our paradise? Well, jobs

So, a friend brought something up to me the other day that I’ve never really stopped to consider before.

Scalia’s death and the 2016 presidential election

Like a bolt of lightning, Justice Antonin Scalia’ death shocked the nation. His death left a vacancy on the Supreme Court and, at the same time, it immediately became an issue in the 2016 election. At least they could have waited 48 hours, to respect his passing.

Curran explains the theory of good (national) politics

There’s nothing but lamentations coming out of Washington these days. No elected official seems happy with anything or anyone except themselves. That is because elected officials in Washington think that the world — no, the entire solar system — revolves around them. Nicalaus Copernicus is spinning in his grave.

Towns, MVFC come to agreements on EMS fees

Both the Millville and Ocean View town councils voted unanimously this week to begin drafting agreements to charge every household in their respective municipalities a $35 ambulance fee, to benefit the Millville Volunteer Fire Company (MVFC).

Though, to be fair, the fees will benefit the people and businesses of those towns, as much as the fire company.

Point of no return:

Too many ludicrous interesting topics to cover

There are weeks that I sit down at my computer, stare at the blank screen looking back at me and half-wonder if maybe the stars and gods have aligned against me.

Guest Column: Callanen: Deception in oyster farming approval process

How on earth was the Center for the Inland Bays (CIB) and the State’s Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control (DNREC) able to convince Delaware’s Legislature to unanimously vote to locate 442 acres of unsightly commercial floating cage oyster farms in the extremely shallow, environmentally unsuitable Inland Bays without the awareness of local stakeholder residents?

Column: ‘Stayin’ Alive’ thanks to CPR training

This New Year’s, there will have been many resolutions aimed at improving our health: eat better, move more, quit doing this, start doing that. But statistics show the majority of those resolutions will be broken, if they’re not already. Resolutions are hard to keep.

How can we improve our success? Make a resolution that is easy to keep… and fun.

Frankford election the next step in shake-up

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years of doing this, it’s that every town — every governmental body, really — goes through cycles.

A change in the Sunday routine is miserable

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divine.”

Storm was rough, but could have been worse

So, yeah, that storm hit us pretty hard.

Many of us have grown a bit skeptical of snow and dangerous weather prognostications for the area over the years, as we have seen dire forecasts turn into little more than some wind and showers time and time again. But every now and then one hits us, and this past weekend was one of those instances.

Snow brings with it a little slice of nostalgia

I’m not exactly the most nostalgic person in the world. I wish I could say it’s because I’m a forward-thinking individual who leaves the past in the proverbial rearview mirror, but it’s not really that. I just don’t... care.

Exercise and set SMART goals to get fit this year

The New Year is a time to reflect on the past year, while making resolutions and planning for the upcoming year. The top two New Year’s resolutions are getting fit and losing weight. For both, and simply for overall health and wellbeing, exercise is a key component!

Police get important training with mental issues

One topic that continues to make its way into both the national and local conversation is the current state of mental health treatment.

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