Letters to the Editor — April 11, 2014

Atkins discusses repeal bill


I read an article talking about the death penalty repeal bill and how supporters are saying House leadership is holding up the bill in committee. They say that the only way to do something about it is to suspend rules and force the bill to the floor for a vote.

Millville being smart with police coverage

The Town of Millville has seen a lot of change over recent years. That change does not only involve a significant shopping center on Route 26, more retail and new houses being constructed. No, the actual operations of the Town have undergone a major facelift, as well, as ordinances have been drafted and approved, and a beautiful building now houses all the Town’s operations.

Time to spring right into baseball season

Mondays have proven to be the bane of my existence over the years.

Towns and State must find solution to care

Rising healthcare costs have affected nearly all of us over recent years. If it’s not the cost of insurance, it’s the increase in costs of medical services, or the increased usage of prescription medication.

Whatever the case, it is hitting many of us hard.

The white flag is raised — winter beats me up

There’s an ominous line that is repeated often in the HBO show, “Game of Thrones,” that often sends shudders up and down the spines of the central characters whenever it is uttered.

Guest column: Know your dog before training — and set realistic goals

Every once in a while, things happen that can cause a really bad situation, and here it is in a nutshell: When you think your dog is harmless, think again! When a dog’s energy level is high and if you are unsure of the other dog or dogs or your surroundings, then taking precautions is the best policy — consider safety first!

Letters to the Editor — March 28, 2014

Ellendale group thankful to governor


The Ellendale Civic Association would like to commend our governor on his stand to clean up the water here in Delaware. We appreciate the fact that he has recognized the need for improvement throughout the state and the hazard that is presented with the current water situation.

Students, teachers get a little longer day

Indian River School District (IRSD) officials recently made an adminstrative decision to extend the school day by 30 minutes at all of its schools to make up for eight weather-related closures this winter.

SPV: AT&T continues to operate in violation of county law

There is perhaps nothing more unjust than a deep-pocketed actor engaging in illegal activity for profit to the harm of innocent people simply because “it’s profitable and they can.”

Western allies should stand up to Russia in Ukraine

We all know about Crimea because Alford, Lord Tennyson, wrote a famous poem about the Crimean War and the Charge of the Light Brigade. Crimea has always been a controversial issue in international relations because of its strategic location on the Black Sea.

Justin’s Beach House looking for MOM help

This is truly the week we celebrate community efforts on this page.

The real show at the Clayton was the Clayton, itself

When historians look back at this period in time they will credit us with being the “Age of Technology.”

Here’s an easy way to lend a helping hand

A long, cold, relentless winter has left many of us with chattering teeth and expanding waistlines, as we burrow under our blankets, watch movies and scarf down warm comfort food.

If that describes you, consider yourself fortunate.

McClenny brings right attitude to fight

We work very hard at this paper to maintain a sense of neutrality, both in the stories we write, and with our interactions with local public officials. By maintaining a certain degree of distance between our reporters and the subjects they cover, we elevate our probability of being able to write fair and balanced articles.

Stupidity seizes the day in this look at world crime

Emergency responders were the star of the show last Friday, as the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Joshua M. Freeman Valor Awards. This has always been my favorite event of the year, not only because I get fed, but because it’s truly inspiring to sit in that room and be told of the thankless sacrifices and heroic exploits of the people in our community who stand tall when the rest of us are looking for somebody to do exactly that.

Guest Column: Nuts aren’t just a must during Heart Month

Whether an on-the-go snack or a side dish, nuts are a great way to eat healthy and stay satisfied.

Some nut information:

• Nuts are delicious and satisfying. Aim to eat a small handful each day (about a quarter cup).

• Choosing nuts without added salt or sugar is healthiest. Try sprinkling a few on your salads!

Marketing ABCs: Facebook: Your business’ best 10-year-old friend

It’s astonishing how much Facebook has changed since 2004. From a self-declared “online directory” to a mobile-first network, the social media giant continues to grow. I wonder if the boys who started it in a Harvard dorm ever dreamed they would one day reach more than a billion users.

Local businesses investing in their future, and ours

Local businesspeople are making news this week.

The owners of the Cottage Café offered a sneak peak of their latest venture to nearby residents, who in about a year’s time may have a choice of two Poffenberger/Neville-owned restaurants on Route 1 south of Bethany Beach that they can patronize.

Chasing the sun, after stressing over the chase

I raise the white flag.

I am officially surrendering to the almighty powers of a winter that has chilled my bones and caused more than its fair share of mayhem to our deadlines. You have defeated me with your snow and arctic blasts of wind, Mr. Winter, caused my dogs to budget their relief times a bit more strictly and generally made life a little less enjoyable this year.

Letters to the Editor — February 14, 2014

Church offers help to those in need


Judging and condemning those who are different from us is nothing new, particularly when we believe that those “different ones” are somehow inferior, or weaker than we are, or a threat to our own convictions or lifestyle.

The observations of Twain, an anniversary and a time gone by

Every once in a while, I get the urge to write a column. Actually, it happens more than you would think, but rarely do I follow through with it. There is always a good reason… not enough time, too many interruptions and let’s not forget the main one: I am not a writer and have never claimed to be one.

Libraries remain pertinent, vital today

One of the true gems we take for granted in this country is the public library.

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