Guest Column: Not too spooky: Beebe doctor talks Halloween safety

Halloween can be a time of fun and creativity. But the Halloween season should only be pretend scary! Here is some advice to help keep kids safe while they have a terrifyingly good time.

Area’s heroin problem is only growing worse

The heroin problem has been steadily growing throughout our community over the past year or so.

A message from above

Monday afternoon, I find myself in downtown Bethany at lunchtime. I think to myself, “Well, it’s a beautiful day, I’m at the beach and I need to eat — so, what the heck! I will get a sandwich and sit on a beach, enjoy the sunshine and relax for half an hour.”

Post office boxes: Safety and security for your mail

Some of us rent safety deposit boxes at our bank or financial institution. They provide security for our valuable possessions, and peace of mind for us. For security, convenience and peace of mind concerning your mail, nothing beats a post office box at the Ocean View Post Office.

• Security — Your mail is protected, under lock and key, as well as by federal statute.

We all have motivation to preserve our beaches

When Department of Natural Resource’s (DNREC) beach guru Tony Pratt visited the Fenwick Island Town Council last week to discuss dune maintenance, he uttered two words in particular that should carry a lot of weight.

“Sand blows,” he explained.

Celebrating Haley’s amazing life on tap Sunday

The community is preparing to bid a heartfelt farewell to one of its favorite sons.

Matt Haley — restaurateur, philanthropist, speaker and basic humanitarian — passed away on Aug. 19 from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident in India while performing some of his humanitarian efforts. His loss was a shock to many in our area, not only because he was only 53 years old, but also because of the enthisiasm and zest for life he exhibited nearly every moment of his life.

Diabolical geniuses just don’t exist all that much

One of the joys of watching crime dramas on television or in the movies is the cat-and-mouse game often played between a brilliant criminal and the detectives who eventually get out in front of the evil mastermind through a combination of hard work and a bit of cleverness of their own.

An ounce of prevention could help when needed

There’s a fire in your home. Or an intruder breaking in the back door. Maybe you’ve been carjacked in your driveway.

Guinness still recognizing greatness 60 years later

It had to be a startling scene for anyone who happened to pass by the park on that summer morning in 1979.

Guest Column: An America disengaged from midterm elections?

Labor Day traditionally marks the beginning of the fall campaign for the midterm elections, which are seen as a referendum of the sitting president or his party.

This election week is a significant one, indeed

Voters, you are on the clock.

After months of hearing from political candidates and their supporters, it is now officially time for the voters to take center stage in numerous elections that impact our area greatly.

Guest Column: Recounting the final flight for a historic group of aviators

In May of 2014, the 1st and 39th Air Transport Squadrons convened for their Diamond Reunion.

Letters to the Editor — September 5, 2014

Republican Club’s annual event a hit


I would like to thank the state, county and local Republican candidates, as well as the community, for their support and enthusiasm at the 3rd Annual 38th Republican Covered Dish Supper held on Saturday, Aug. 23.

Bethany Beach the hot spot to be this weekend

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Well, there is plenty on tap as far as entertainment goes, so let’s narrow this down a little bit.

Looking for something to keep you busy from Friday through Monday, without ever leaving Bethany Beach? Oh, we have you covered.

The end of summer? More like the beginning of fall!

Labor Day weekend.

Those three words alone can generate a plethora of emotions across the board. They actually work together to constitute one word in our reality, joining “Memorial Day weekend” and “Fourth of July” as the sacred trinity of important summer benchmarks for our community — the beginning, the heart and the end of another summer season.

Restaurateur left a legacy far beyond his food

When word filtered into our office earlier this week that popular restaurateur/philanthropist Matt Haley had been involved in a motorcycle accident in India, you could hear a collective gasp. When we learned Wednesday morning that he had succumbed to those injuries... we were an office in mourning.

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