A year of fear. A year of joy. A year of learning

Monday, Nov. 9, marks one year of me being a father. In a related subject, it will also be my daughter’s first birthday.

Psychiatric hospital a step in right direction

Deficiencies in mental health care have been pointed to as a significant problem, both locally and nationally.

Botanical Gardens has ambitious plans, great planners

On Sunday, Oct. 17, I got to stand in the presence of greatness. No, it wasn’t Joe Flacco, Adam Levine or Hugh Jackman. I had the opportunity to meet Piet Oudolf.

Guest Column: Dissolved oxygen one of many pollution factors

Water quality in the Inland Bays (IB) has dramatically deteriorated over recent years as development and other land disturbing activities have taken place, and pollutants have accumulated. Unfortunately, some of the waters in the IB are polluted, and others can be vastly improved.

Protecting our natural treasures is a must

For an area that is as popular with vacationers as ours is, we still manage to have our fair share of hidden treasures.

What’s in a name, you ask? Well, a lot

Well, we’re certainly deep into election season now, aren’t we?

Fall’s arrival shouldn’t lessen precautions

Yes, Christmas decorations are already beginning to pop up all around us, but before then, there’s Thanksgiving to worry about. And, before then, there’s Halloween.

Appreciation a better tool than litigation

We focus a lot on the negatives in life.

I’m not judging. I certainly do it myself far more than I should. Instead of taking a deep breath and appreciating all the good that envelops my life, I often focus on the bad, or the things I want to be in my life, but in fact, are not.

Team effort during storm helped us all out

Well, that was a bit of weather we had last week, huh?

Guest Column: Combatting climate change, growing economy

A new power plant we celebrated in Dover this past week represents more progress toward a vital goal for Delaware’s future — powering our state with cleaner, more efficient energy. Calpine’s Garrison Energy Center combines gas and steam turbines to produce up to 50 percent more electricity and less air pollution than a traditional plant.

Beebe’s announcement a win for all of us

Walk-in care just got a lot more user-friendly.

Beebe Healthcare announced earlier this week that their Walk-In Care facility in Millville will remain open year-round.For any of us in this community who have had a medical situation pop up in the past, and have had to drive to one of the regional hospitals, this is welcomed news.

UD was vigilant, thorough in investigation

Word broke early Wednesday morning that University of Delaware police were investigating a hate crime on campus, causing many throughout the state to shudder at the thought.

Sharks, bears and bees? Beware the selfie

During a rare moment of breath-catching the other night, I slowly sat on the couch — my attention divided between watching my 10-month-old bundle of mayhem attempt to reach out and grab all that she should not grab and catching glimpses of the evening news on the television.

Behold a weekend of massive entertainment

Buckle up. “Shoulder season” is in full effect.

Long considered the best time of the year by many locals, this is the season when the weekdays are filled with open roads and small lines, while weekends return to the crowds with an onslaught of festivals and fun activities. This weekend offers up a little bit of everything.

A grumpy old man is getting tired of the hate

As much as I’ve attempted to swaddle myself in a blanket of denial, I am indeed getting older.

Guest Column: How stress affects your overall health

Stress is inescapable. It can be societal, like war or terrorism. It can be community-related, like drugs or disease. It can be personal, like marriage or finances. It’s no secret that stress makes us feel bad, but just how “bad” is stress for us?

A chance encounter hits home

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: From left, Frank Bolen, Craig Lednum, Cory Lednum, Richard Ouellette, Tara Ouellette, Gene Mowery and Doug Mowery prepare to cast off on a rocket ride aboard the ‘Get Bent’Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: From left, Frank Bolen, Craig Lednum, Cory Lednum, Richard Ouellette, Tara Ouellette, Gene Mowery and Doug Mowery prepare to cast off on a rocket ride aboard the ‘Get Bent’People often ask why I live at the beach.

The waves are few and far between, the ocean gets cold, the weather is nasty, the winter is dreary. The list of cons seems to be never-ending. There is so much beauty throughout the world, why limit yourself to this region?

Having a response to all of these statements and questions has never been easy. As a matter of fact, the best retort has been a mumbling of gobbledygook that never quite allowed for the true expression of what feelings are nestled inside of my heart.

Lessons on living are available every moment of every day. Words of wisdom apparently fly by this thick-headed skull on a daily basis, more frequently than skimboards at a Monday-night session on the beach in Bethany. They come from the residents at Brandywine Senior Living, my coworkers, kids at school… I could go on, but the point is that answers will come from anybody and anywhere.

As good fortune shone down on Friday, Sept. 11, I was building an arbor over my front walkway when a pickup stopped in the driveway, in search of 99 Oak Lane, looking for the Ledlum residence. He looked vaguely familiar, but time was of the essence, as he said that he was participating in the Warrior Beach Week for Operation SEAs the Day. After 25 years, one might think that I would know the streets in my own development by now, but nope.

Local responders get some support, gratitude

The last year or so hasn’t been an easy time nationally for emergency responders — particularly police officers.

Wood: We all failed in saving a life

We failed.

One of our neighbors lost his life recently in a fire in a vacant home. He was living a generally homeless life.

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