Point of No Return

Brackets on the mind of many

Has there ever been a spring as widely anticipated by this area as this one?
Coastal Point

It's an interesting world out there

There’s tough, and then there’s “Kentucky tough.”
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Hockey battle a game for the ages

There are moments in life when all seems right in the world. I remember feeling that way when the American hockey team scored a shocking goal with seconds left in regulation during their gold medal hockey game against Canada last Sunday.

Warning: Don't do stupid things

I remember exactly where I was when my head nearly exploded.
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The war of generations wages on

We’ve done a few things very well in this nation.
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It helps to have a captive audience

I apologize in advance, but I’m not letting go of this one without a fight.
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Trip to the Keys not quite paradise

Well, it looks like I picked the right time to go on vacation.

Mistakes are part of everyday life

People make mistakes. We’re flawed. It’s what we do.
Coastal Point • Jesse Pryor

Tis the season for special gifts

This truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

My cell phone bill is how much?

There are things that I come across that make me shake my head and contemplate how my father would have handled the situation had it been me as the central character.

The dictionary just got thicker

Hi. I’m Darin, and I’m a word nerd.

To be more precise, I’m a word nerd of the English language. I love how it is an ever-evolving language that adapts to changing times and changing vernacular, and it takes on the form of a living, breathing organism as it continues to morph itself to stay current.

Fantasy sports can take you away

If there was ever an appropriately-named hobby in this modern society of ours, it’s fantasy sports.

Fishy stuff going on in Oregon

During one of my daily voyages through the wild frontier of the Internet, I stumbled across an Associated Press story that made me stop mid-surf. That in itself is not odd, in that I tend to get sidetracked by some strange things on the Web, but this one grabbed me right away with the headline — “Oregon man gets probation for stabbing ex’s fish.”

Chicago's loss could be our gain

There was quite a bit of disappointment last week with the announcement that Chicago would not receive the 2016 Summer Olympics, and for valid reasons. The Olympics would have potentially brought a bump for that local economy, a global stage for Chicago to highlight the positives of the city and would have helped the infrastructure of the city itself as roads and lodging needs would have had to have been improved due to the sheer numbers of increased tourism.

So much promise, so much misery

I spend a lot of time reading various newspapers.
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Another look at a weird, weird world

We all have problems. Bills get piled up, kids run around with scissors, work becomes too much, etc., etc., etc.

Disagree, but stay on the same team

It was said by many at the time that Sept. 11, 2001 would change the world forever.

Shoulder season is welcomed here

For openers, let me tell you that I had a very funny column lined up for this week. Well, to be fair, it was funny in my eyes, because I was going to make fun of my good friend Bob Bertram for his respective tastes in old movies and current films that could best be described as “female-oriented.”

A look back at my summer goals

Reality can sometimes hit you when you least expect it.
Coastal Point • Jesse Pryor

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