Point of No Return

We often find our treasures in unexpected venues

It’s been said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.Texas Christian University professor Jeff Ferrell embodies that axiom.

A tale of inspiration and positive mental attitude

Human beings are a fickle breed. We allow things on the outside to consistently interfere and influence the things on the inside. We run hot and cold, and our overall moods and dispositions often vary from moment to moment. Good things cause us to be in good moods. Bad things tend to put us in bad moods.

Thanksgiving is the ultimate time to give thanks

Thanksgiving is largely built on traditions. You know, like white people coming here and running through the native population like they were ...

But I digress.

Maryland falling into big-time athletics trappings

When I read the other day in The (Baltimore) Sun that a University of Maryland commission recently recommended that the school cut eight sports, I was a little sad.

It's the time of the season for ... what seaons?

My ever-graying beard and creaky joints partner perfectly with this new conversation-starter I’ve been using more and more frequently as of late: I remember back when ...

There is an easy solution for upset protesters

I’ve been somewhat fascinated by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

A daring dog escape and a bill to remember

Those of you who regularly read my column (Hi, Mom!) know that I absolutely love my dogs, Guinness and Bailey.

Sometimes, the exciting story is not so much fun

Before I moved back to our little coastal oasis of Delaware in 2003, I was the editor of two weekly newspapers in the Atlanta area — the Rockdale Neighbor and the DeKalb Neighbor.

There’s another drug for parents to worry about

Gov. Jack Markell announced at a news conference last Friday that Delaware has banned “bath salts,” making them illegal in the state. The bath salts have been added to Delaware’s Schedule I of Controlled Substances, following a recommendation by the Controlled Substances Advisory Committee.

Turning over a whole new leaf with my column

This might be hard for some of you to accept, but there are times I upset people in this office for how I talk about them on this page. Be it the ever-changing job description of Bob Bertram in our masthead every week, or little comments I occasionally make about employees in this space, there have been a few moments when I’ve walked into the Coastal Point multiplex and found angry eyes staring at me.

You can say one thing about us. We are cool.

America is a lot of things, to a lot of different people.

Irene claims the life of my rival, and I'm sad

I got the call on Sunday, at approximately the same time I was letting out a huge sigh of relief that the wrath of Hurricane Irene did little more than knock down a few branches at my house. It was our publisher, Susan Lyons, who called, and she had a somber tone to her voice.

Mankinis and jeggings are cool. Tapes are not

We evolve.

Now, wait a minute. I’m not diving into the quagmire that is evolution versus creationism. No, no, no. This is more about what we do as a civilization in general.

Man’s best friend doesn’t have to be a talker

There’s an ongoing one-sided dialogue between myself and my dogs. The reason I say this is one-sided is because it’s, well, one-sided. My dogs can’t speak. Well, not English, anyway.

World Series once again an event to behold

There are a few certainties in my life every August.
Coastal Point

National leadership failing constituents badly

Through selfless compromise and a keen eye toward the welfare of our citizenry, our national leaders reached a deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling on Tuesday. This prevented our proud nation from going into default and showed once again that we the people have done another stellar job of selecting the best of the best to lead us into ...

Lockout comes to end, and summer is great again

Ah, summer.

When I was 10, this was undeniably the most wonderful time of the year for me. Christmas was great — don’t get me wrong. But it was fleeting. There was a day of receiving presents, and then, well, a hurried rush to see family members and then a quick return to school.

New advancements are (usually) pretty cool

There have been some mind-boggling inventions throughout the course of my lifetime. No, I wasn’t around for the dawn of the automotive industry, though Bob Bertram tells me they were indeed exciting times. And airplanes were already a standard means of travel by the time I started digressing around the house in diapers. But some of the advancements I’ve seen in my relatively short amount of time on this planet often make me mentally pause and digest just how far we’ve come.

Verdict brings back memories of Simpson

Verdict brings back memories of Simpson






Reality can sometimes slap you in the face

There are times when acceptance of an inevitable truth comes to one slowly — a steady progression of experiences that leads to an unmistakeable reality that something has indeed happened.

Exploring golf tournaments, water and...

So, I went to Sunday’s final round of the U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md.
Coastal Point

We really do need to look at our gun laws

According to a report released by three Democratic U.S. Senators earlier this week, a significant number of weapons used by Mexican drug gangs come from within our country.

Bullying is an old tradition, but getting worse

When I was a kid, there was a certain classmate who delighted in bullying me.
Coastal Point

The family that jails together, fails together

There is nothing like a good old family connection story that truly touches the heart.

Everyone gets a new lease on life--for now

I thought I was all set for doomsday. Huddled beneath my kitchen table with a helmet strapped tightly to my head and a flyswatter in my tightly-clenched fist, I kept a keen eye on the digital clock by my side.

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