Point of No Return

Decoding Bailey a tall order

Remember the old gag when you would dangle your buddy’s hand in a bowl of warm water as he slept, hoping against hope that it would cause a, well, biological reaction?

One bright light in frustration

There are those who claim to have seen Bigfoot walking by their campsite. Others have stated emphatically that they have seen the Loch Ness monster peek her head through the water and mist. And I have heard tell of giant pink monsters dancing up and down Route 1 in Dewey Beach, but I did hear those tales from people who had been celebrating a little hard that particular night.

Inspiration in a simple idea

If we’re fortunate enough in life, we continue to learn, to better understand and to still be inspired as we grow older. We’re able to push aside the cynicism and pessimism that often accompany years of experience, and still stare wide-eyed at the world, knowing in our hearts that there is still much to learn and take part in as we continue to grow.

Observations from the couch

It’s funny what you can learn from sitting on a couch.

My stomach beat out my head

The brave adventurer deftly maneuvered his way past treacherous hazard after treacherous hazard. Surely, fear and apprehension filled his mind as he found himself deeper in the abyss, but he was single-minded in focus — and would not be denied his singular and powerful goal.

Time for another look at stupidity

There are certain things in life that leave me completely astounded. I don’t mean merely surprised, or even shocked, but absolutely frozen in disbelief as I contemplate what it was I just came across.

Behold the Summer of Darin

It happens every year.

Memorial Day weekend comes upon us, I start getting a little excited about all the really cool things I’m going to do that summer and I start to make a mental list on prioritizing them all — just to make certain that those things I REALLY want to do get done for sure.

Community loses a true jewel

It’s been said that life is a journey. We twist and wind through life’s obstacles and victories, and encounter a cast of characters along the way that either impact the very nature of who we are, or simply disappear into the background in relative anonymity.

Thanks for all the great help, Mom

My mother came out to visit me a few weeks ago.
Coastal Point • File Photo

And I had a nice time.

The days are creeping up on me

There are certain realities in life that we must all one day accept as, well, reality.

It’s time to soak in the NFL draft

This weekend is a bit of a vicarious Christmas for me.

Remember top have fun, as well

Through astute techniques of observation, I’ve been able to determine that the sky is indeed falling down around us.

Happy Days are all around here

Have you ever felt like anything was possible? Like you finally had this whole “life” thing figured out, and that the world was indeed in the palm of your hand?

Time to get rid of those curses

This is just a spectacular time of year for those of us afflicted with a complete addiction to sports viewing.

Coming to terms with holiday

In a cruel twist of fate, our calendars tell us that St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year. In related news, the sun will eventually burn out and leave us wandering around a cold, dark rock until we fade away and Disney is actually more interested in making money than creating a world of wonder and awe for kids of all ages.

Another tour through the inane

I’m beginning to believe that South Carolina is becoming the doofus capital of the free world.
Coastal Point • File Photo

Rossé to share more of his skills

We meet people in life. It’s really that simple.
Coastal Point • File Photo

Five years down, more to come

So, there I was. Surrounded by members of the Swedish bikini team and counting enormous stacks of $100 bills, when the phone in my shoe went off and I knew immediately...

A Super Day to watch the game

The spectacle otherwise known as the Super Bowl kicks off Sunday evening, and much of the world is ready for the action.

Well, unless you’re a fan of the Baltimore Ravens or Philadelphia Eagles — in which case, you’re still licking your wounds and screaming at the heavens above that there is indeed a grave injustice in the world because your team ...

But, yeah, I digress.

Darwin comes to the rescue

I’m not exactly the brightest guy in the world.

A walk back through the year

Many of us in the community will remember 2008 as the year that Ocean View blew up in front of our faces. Actually, that’s pretty much the story that captured the most inches of news throughout the year, and kept our letters section more swollen than Roseanne after Thanksgiving dinner.

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