Speed limit change necessary, now and later

It doesn’t seem like a very big thing, but it really is.

When the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) recently lowered the speed limit on Muddy Neck Road from 45 mph to 35, they were not only listening to a request from the Ocean View Police Department, they were also acting in a way that could definitively save lives.

Ocean View Police Chief Ken McLaughlin said that his department had heard concerns from some residents in town that the previous speed limit was just too high. “At the same time,” said McLaughlin, “we were dealing with a new construction project taking place on the corner of Muddy Neck and Double Bridges that’s going to include a number of townhouses, as well as a commercial strip. Something like 12 acres is designated as commercial, so it’s going to be a fairly prominent commercial presence there in the future.”

It’s also important to remember that the area surrounding this speed change features many units that are rented by seasonal employees in the summer, increasing foot, bicycle and driving traffic in that area each year. The previous 45 mph was simply too high for that area, and it would only grow into a larger problem with more activity there.

This was a good move, for all of us.