Good local elections bring energy, optimism

Anybody up for an election?

You want local state representative elections? We got you covered. County council? Two of those, thank you very much. State auditor? Sure, and we’ll even throw in attorney general and treasurer races while we’re at it. How about a United States Senator election? Please. Of course. And one of the candidates is from this area.

The 2018 midterm elections are creating a buzz and sowing discord across the fruited plains, and the elections are a pretty big deal around here, as well. However, and we don’t say this lightly, there seems to be a lot less acrimony and childish behavior in this community, particularly in the local elections.

With two state representative seats in play, as well as two on county council, it would be easy to assume that candidates would be on the attack mode, swinging party lines at each other while their supporters follow suit. But the candidates, at least when talking with us, have been respectful toward their opponents, and their supporters have not been filling our inboxes with negative “hate-talk.” That benefits us all.

It is a good election when positive candidates discuss positive ideas, and we hope all of you exercise your right to vote next week. Your vote has power. You have power.