Keep a sharp focus on roads this time of year

If you haven’t already noticed, there has been an uptick in the number of ghosts, goblins and various other creatures of horror parading our community lately — not to mention an increase in Minions, Disney Princesses and Ghostbusters.

Yes, October is fully upon us, which means the season of fall festivals and area youth parading about in costumes is also here in full force. That means there are plenty of activities for families and individuals to enjoy, but also some dangers to keep an eye on when driving our roads.

The obvious thought is to remember that costumes can often affect the vision of people wearing them, particularly in terms of peripheral and depth. Another point to consider is the obvious excitement level for young people during this time of the year. That kid walking along a sidewalk or through a parking lot may not be as focused as normal, and combined with a possible decrease in vision due to the costume, could drift into traffic or stumble over something quite easily.

It is a fantastic time of the year for young people in our community, and should fill them with memories for the rest of their lives. Let’s all jump in together to make sure it is as safe as possible, and that the memories they hold onto are nothing but good.