IRSD to launch SafeAbility Program during Special Education Week

 The Indian River School District announced this week that it will be adding the SafeAbility Series as a new component to school safety initiatives that addresses what officials called one of its most critical populations — students with disabilities at the Howard T. Ennis School.

Howard T. Ennis serves all of Sussex County, for students with significant disabilities in Grades K-12. In an effort to enhance the existing safety curriculum, Howard T. Ennis will be including the Georgetown Police Department as a partner in delivery.

“The SafeAbility Series will provide important information so that learners at a variety of developmental levels can become confident and empowered to maintain their safety and security in a dynamic and ever-changing world. Pairing highly-trained educators with law enforcement will provide the most comprehensive method of instruction for Howard T. Ennis students.”

The SafeAbility Series is a partnership between the Indian River School District and the Georgetown Police Department that focuses on three primary areas, they said:

• School safety — Students learn ways to stay safe in the event of various emergencies that may occur in the school building. In addition, students will learn fire safety tips, intruder preparation guidelines and steps to take when encountering someone unfamiliar within the school building.

• Social safety — Students learn ways to protect their safety online. Topics will include social media awareness, prevention of cybercrimes and cyberbullying, and general web/media safety.

• Life safety — Students learn ways to stay safe in their physical environment. Topics will include financial safety tips, how to store personal information, safety awareness in public places and ideas on how to enhance their comfort in various social environments.

The SafeAbility Series will kick off during IRSD’s Special Education Week, which runs Oct. 22-26.