Gallery One to focus on ‘Reflections’ this month

Gallery One in Ocean View this week announced the theme of its October exhibit, “Reflections,” open to the public through Oct. 30.

“Reflections are what artists paint. Many scenes or subjects require careful and considered thought before transforming them to the canvas. Paintings are often a reflection of the artist and the viewer sees the scene or subject through the eyes of the artist. This month the artists at Gallery One present their unique version of reflections.”

“Village of Dinan,” Eileen Olson’s watercolor and gouache painting, “was created during a one-month artists’ residency in Dinan, France a few years ago. Living in a small French cottage gave me a renewed gratefulness for my experience and provided an incubator for productivity and additional opportunities for inspiration,” she said.

“Reflections sometimes come from a glimpse and a brief impression of a subject. Each leads to a different idea and image.” Marybeth Patterson is inspired by the water as it winds its way through the fields in the oil “Canary Creek.”

Plein air artist Lesley McCaskill tried to capture a fleeting time in her watercolor “In the Moment.”

“This was painted very quickly, to capture the sensation of pulsating light, fractured and dancing on the slightly moving water. I was elated while working — my mind danced with joy to experience the special moment.”

“For centuries, water and reflections have provided an endless subject for artists.”

“The peaceful marshland is beautiful at any time, but when the conditions are right (calm, smooth water and the sun at a perfect angle), the reflections create a magnificent display of light and image,” said Cheryl Wisbrock. “Marsh Glow II,” a watercolor, captures the relatively short-lived phenomenon.

“The sun can create some wonderful reflections on the water, the ground, in your windows...just about anywhere.” Jeanne Mueller’s “Sunset over the Indian River Bridge,” an oil, portrays a hot, steamy afternoon in late summer.” “Reflections, Oyster, Virginia,” a pastel by Laura Hickman, “depicts the calm and peaceful end-of-the-day light in Oyster, where tired work boats cast their beautiful reflections.”

“Egret Reflections,” an acrylic by Dale Sheldon, features a white egret bathed in afternoon light along shallow water.

“When painting, I look for the light source first,” Sheldon explained. “Light on the subject defines the shape and can be adjusted to provide the mood an artist is hoping to capture. Light also creates shadows and reflections, important for the telling of the story. The water is calm and shallow as the egret stands at the water’s edge, making the reflections slight in the Eastern Shore harbor.”

“Twins,” Joyce Condry’ acrylic, shows two identical ghost crabs on the beach.

“I’ve often wondered what twins see when they look in a mirror,” she said. “Do they see the reflection of themselves or are they seeing their sibling? These ghost crabs don’t have mirrors, but they do have mirror images all around them. How do they tell their twins from all the other ghost crabs? It’s a puzzle.”

In addition to “Reflections,” which runs through Oct. 30, the gallery’s Artisan Room features textiles, hand-blown glass, pottery, glass jewelry and wood pieces by local artists.

Gallery One is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is always staffed by one of the artists. For more information, visit Gallery One’s website at, call (302) 537-5055 or visit the gallery at 32 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) in Ocean View.