Letter — Christopher president sets record straight


It was brought to my attention last evening (Aug. 30) that an article written and published by Coastal Point in online as well as in newsprint form contains inaccurate information which is damaging to my company’s reputation as well as to my personal reputation.

Paragraph three of the article states that three individuals were named in the suit, all of whom were directors of the Millville by the Sea Property Owner’s Association from 2010 to 2016. It goes on to say “Havenner was also president of the Christopher Companies — the community’s developer at that time.” This statement could not be further from the truth.

For the record, my company, The Christopher Companies, was the second of three homebuilders in the Millville by the Sea community and at the present time is the only homebuilder active in the community. At no time has my company, its principals or any related parties ever served in the role of “developer.” Neither I nor my company has ever been in a decision-making role as it relates to any of the allegations set forth in the suit.

Other than our contractual relationship with the Developer of the community and my perfunctory minority role as a builder member of the association’s board of directors, neither I nor my company has had anything to do with nor influence over the actions of decisions of the Developer or the Millville by the Sea POA or Master Association.

My Company has enjoyed an outstanding reputation since its founding in 1974. The allegations in the suit are completely incongruous with that reputation. As damaging as the suit in general may potentially be to our ability to conduct business in the Millville by the Sea Community, at least the circumstances could be factually explained such that negative impact to my company could possibly be mitigated to some extent.

Coastal Point’s inaccurate and irresponsible reporting exponentially magnifies a manageable public relations issue into such a potentially catastrophic business outcome for reasons beyond a control over allegations that are not ours to defend.

To my knowledge, our organization was not contacted for comment on this matter. It seems that the standards of responsible journalism were blatantly ignored in this case. Given the opportunity, the grave misstatement of face in Coastal Point’s article could have easily been corrected.

I demand an immediate correction to the misstated facts of this matter, in a visible and forthright manner.

In addition, I believe my company, and most particularly my dedicated and hardworking associations that have been committed to the success of the Millville by the Sea Community since 2010 are due an apology.

W. Craig Havenner, President
The Christopher Companies