Letter: Keeley responds to previous letters


I am writing in response to a number of letters in the June 29 Coastal Point. 

First, Lloyd Elling’s seemingly gross misinterpretations of the Second Amendment; the NRA and President Trump’s actions are viewed as preposterous positions by many of us that support our rights as citizens.

Second, Valerie Reeves’ denounces President Trump’s policy on the enforcement of our laws at the border. Even though he’s following the same tough policies as President Obama. The very same tough policies that were overlooked by Obama’s fawning media. She also mentions “due process,” which I believe requires citizenship. Detention of people entering our country illegally, with or without children, is certainly necessary to protect our borders and, in the long run, our country.

Third, Diane Meyer asks for term limits while noting the immigration quagmire currently strangling our Congress. A solution to the immigration quagmire was one of President Trump’s main campaign promises, but he has problems with the professional politicians on both sides of the aisle with this issue.

Unfortunately, the quagmire is not limited to immigration. She has a very good point especially when she mentions our own Sen. Tom Carper, who appears to be the definition of a professional politician. Term limits would certainly be a great step toward getting things done in Washington, especially since our representatives in both parties currently seem to spend most of their efforts at getting reelected!

Fourth and last, Henry R. Hensel states that he believes that our political strife will end. I, however, do not see that happening any time soon! We do have the choice between parties where, simply put, one wants smaller government, verses one that believes bigger government is the answer. Our founding fathers feared this type situation, and it seems they were correct!

I do agree with Mr. Hensel’s suggestion that we turn off the 24/7 barrage of so-called news thrown at us by the radio, TV and newspapers. But that is easier said than done, and then where would we be?

Thomas M. Keeley III
Ocean View