Quiznos coming to Millville soon

By this summer, people stuck in traffic on Route 26 in Millville will have another place to stop and get something quick to eat.

Sometime in mid- to late-April, Quiznos, which is known for its toasted subs, will open in the new Millville Town Center shopping center, anchored by a Super G supermarket.

Joo Hong, who owns and operates the Rehoboth Beach Quiznos, will do the same in the new store.

“It’s a good place,” Hong said of the Millville location. “It’s close to Ocean View and Bethany. I thought it would be a good opportunity. Quiznos coming to that area — that will appeal to people because there isn’t a lot of stuff over there.”

Hong opened the Rehoboth store on April 15 of last year and has enjoyed some success but he said, like most shore businesses, his level of business depends on the season in the resort town.

He said that he expects the Millville location to be a little different because of the amount of full-time residents in the area.

“(In Rehoboth) when it’s busy, it’s crazy,” Hong said. “When it’s slow, it dies down. It’s going to be good on Route 26. It’s a pretty major road and there are a lot of locals that live in the area.”

Hong said that people usually come to Quiznos in Rehoboth for its bread bowls, in which a hole is cut in the bread for soup, and for the toasted signature subs.

The Classic Italian, Black Angus and Steakhouse Beef subs are the most popular now, but he expects that the new Prime Rib sub, which will be available by the time the Millville store opens, will likely eclipse those subs’ in popularity. They also feature vegetarian options and kids meals.

“Those are signature subs you can’t get anywhere else,” Hong said of his top selections. “And every quarter we come out with new subs.”

Whenever someone stops off of Route 26 to try one of the subs, patrons will see a familiar face, said the Rehoboth Beach entrepreneur, who already has local customers who frequent the northern store.

Hong, who said he was just a businessman looking for an opportunity a year ago, noted it took months before he found someone he trusted to manage the Rehoboth Beach location, so he will be running all aspects of the Millville store himself, for at least a couple of months.

“I wanted to get into some kind of business, but I didn’t think it would be the food industry,” Hong admitted. “But somehow it happened. I went to Quiznos and tried the food and it was good.”