Ocean View girl hits the big time

Fifteen minutes of fame sure can last a lot longer when it’s captured on glossy pages.

Sarah Clark, 15, of Ocean View, recently got to dangle her toes in the waters of celebrity when she appeared in the pages of Sweet 16 magazine. Picked by the publication to be a product tester, Clark received a $55 bottle of Fantasy cologne (the designer perfume of pop sensation Britney Spears) and went to work on describing it to the 500,000-some readers of the magazine.

“Sweet, like vanilla, but also fruity and flowery, like rose petals,” wrote Clark in the February/March edition of the magazine. “… It’s a great ‘date’ perfume.”

Clark did not stumble across this aromatic opportunity by chance. As a dedicated reader of the magazine Guidepost for Teens, Clark was excited when the magazine broke off and started Sweet 16, a magazine geared for young girls. In the first issue published, the magazine asked for readers interested in contributing ideas to help shape the publication’s direction — forming the “Real Girls Team.”

Clark, a student at Worcester Preparatory School, jumped at the chance.

“It was really a long process,” explained Clark. “Only 50 girls make it, and they made us answer a lot of questions about ourselves.”

The process was worth it, however, as Clark made the cut. She now answers questions from the magazine via e-mail about twice a week, according to Clark.

“Then one day they asked for people interested in testing products,” she said. “I knew I really wanted to do that. The testing sounded like fun.”

When she received the bottle of Fantasy, Clark couldn’t have been more thrilled.

“I was very excited because it was expensive, and I might not have tried it if they hadn’t sent it to me,” said Clark. “It was the most expensive bottle tested, so I feel very lucky.”

Spears must be excited, too, because Clark said her review encouraged two girls in her school to buy the perfume. She’s also had her brush with celebrity as a few classmates said they saw her in the magazine.

“I hope I’m going to be able to test other products, because this has been a lot of fun,” said Clark.