Ocean View adjustment board grants, denies applications

Officials from Ocean View’s Board of Adjustment made an example out of a pair of town residents on March 16, denying a variance application for a 10-by12-foot shed.

Anne Marie Rogerson — speaking on behalf of herself and her husband, David — asked the board for a variance from the town’s 30 percent lot-coverage ordinance to build a shed behind her home on Woods Lane. Minutes after granting a variance to an Ocean View builder, the board members unanimously denied the Rogersons’ application, noting that there must be a “hardship” to grant the variance.

Charlie McMullen said that the Rogersons’ 4,432-square-foot house — which includes a five-car garage — only left the family with 7 square feet to work with before encroaching on the 30 percent mark on the 14,796-square-foot lot.

The 120-square-foot shed would then leave the Rogerson’s more than 100 square feet over the allowed lot coverage. Rogerson said that she and her husband did not know of the ordinance before purchasing the supplies to build the shed about a month ago.

“I’m disappointed, especially since there’s so many sheds in my neighborhood,” said Rogerson, who presented the board with four letters of compliance from her neighbors. “I just wasted $500 and now I have to tell my husband.”

Dick Logue, the chairman of the board, told Rogerson that she and her husband should have thought of the possible problem while building the house.

“Someone should have taken note about the amount of lot coverage,” he said. “You should grab your builder by the throat.”

Logue was just as animated when addressing Richard C. Banks Sr., an Ocean View builder to whom the board had earlier granted a variance from the town’s setback laws.

A spec house Banks built at 6 Cedar Drive had encroached on the town’s side and rear setbacks because of what Banks called a masonry mistake.

Since the house has already been built, board members apparently took into consideration the “hardship” involved in Banks’ application, approving it unanimously.